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Thread: battling heat soak

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2011-08-10 01:29:53
Originally Posted by blairellis
What about thermal coating your exhaust components? Is that an option? And then utilizing that gold wrap stuff like listed above?

This is key. If someone can't or elects not to do an A2W setup they must have every exhaust part coated or wrapped, reflective wrap on most of the piping, and the use of ducts and/or vents to draw in cooler air and expel the hot air.

I plan on using all of the above methods since my car is already setup with the piping and IC, otherwise I would be going with the vastly superior A2W setup.
2011-08-11 05:24:20
It is an option, but since there isnt anything local, Id have to remove everything to wait maybe up to a month to get them back.
2011-10-16 12:59:38
Have you thought about building a box round air filter and half your cool pipe to stop radiant heat, then you only have to deal with half the pipe, and sucking in cooler air
2011-10-16 13:13:35
The best way to to stop heat soak is to put a vent or two on the hood. Heat rises so if you put an opening the heat will find its way out. For the heat to come out cool air must come in to take up the space of the hot air, this cooler aire comes from below.

Generally with a hood vent under hood tems drop an average of 40-50 degrees.
2011-10-16 14:35:44
+1 for the vented bonnet, Evos/GTiRs come like that standard it must be for a reason
2011-10-16 15:21:23
I punched holes in my hood
2011-10-31 15:04:14
Just a quick question a bit off topic, how come you've got a huge power cable running along the front of your car?
2011-10-31 15:05:49
it goes to the alt.
and the battery is in the passenger compartment
2011-10-31 15:54:21
That explains it cool, did you get your heat soak problem sorted?
2011-10-31 17:00:19
wrapping my hot pipe (since it was beside the manifold) helped alot, and then getting a retune for the hot weather fixed everything.
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