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Thread: Tubular intake manifold?

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2011-08-01 15:42:24
Tubular intake manifold?
A couple of days back I was searching around here for something and saw this beast mentioned. I don't remember what thread and I spent the last half hour trying to find it.

What are your thoughts of fabbing this up to a 20v head for RWD SR22VET application?

I know long runners are great for torque but would this be overkill? Would I be losing out on too much top end?

Your thoughts....

Sorry for the massive picture.
Last edited by GUNMETALV35 on 2011-08-01 at 15-49-59. Reason: the other picture I had wasn't working
2011-08-01 15:53:18
The issue is going to be space.
2011-08-01 15:56:13
You don't think that'll fit in an S14?
2011-08-01 16:42:52
As far as I can tell that is the stock Toyota intake manifold for that engine
2011-08-01 16:51:56
that's the stock first gen 1ZZ intake manifold, they later changed to plastic.
2011-08-01 17:15:52
I guess my question would be, more so, do you think these runners are too long? From my understanding, longer runners help with low end torque at the expense of power at higher RPMs; would this be too long?

I like the design because it looks as though you'd get even flow to all cylinders, kind of like a center fed plenum.

I like the idea of it. I'm just wondering if this has already been attempted or at least discussed.
2011-08-01 18:40:04
for boost, you want shorter runners.

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