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Thread: looking for 450whp on stock sr20det...

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2011-08-05 22:57:10
Originally Posted by sss
then i will need to step up to gt35r then

I would run a pte6262sp over the gt35r.
2011-08-07 04:23:24
am looking at the gtx35r
2011-08-07 14:29:53
Originally Posted by sss
am looking at the gtx35r

I have been looking at the gtx line as well. I have thought of replacing the comp wheel on my 3071r with a billet unit.
2011-08-07 15:01:06
Am laughing at the debate on built motors vs stock de/det, REALLY? We sare STILL discusing it like its even a issue? If its a det, and your tuned right, it will take some SERIOUS hp to destroy it. even with a de, id doubt it would have a problem making 450hp on stock int, as long as you used meth. i dont know how a gt35 would do on the street, especially on a stock de/det head. I would think very LAGGY. With a vvl head and equal length id imagine a gt35 would be pretty decent. Can we consider a vvl head? Jeong, fwd equal length twin scroll manifolds are now available, setup for evo turbos! get a fp red, this manifold/downpipe combo i mentioned, and throw in a vvl head and b15 trans on a det.....shoot for 500, lol. If your going to do it, DO IT. By the way, david has a evo 9 now with a fp red, and a decent "Trey" tune. That thing is NOT laggy by any means, get him to take you for a drive in it. NASTY. id imagine as the bore/stroke of the 4g63 motor is the same as a sr20det, that similar mods to the fwd sr chassis will net the same results.
I honestly think if you went the "evo turbo" route, youd have a damn good chance of making your goals with a stock evo 9 turbo. just my opinions/build ideas/rambling. AND it seems you can run stock size radiator and fans.....ill have to go back and double check.
2011-08-07 15:06:48
As for built motors, bleh. If we were into "built" motors, wed buy hondas....hell, not dropping any names but thats exactly WHY someone i know is selling their honda.....they dont want to worry about blowing the stock motor, as they are power hungry. Sr20's are good for a few things....abuse, boost, and buying a dime a dozen. BUT, they do fetch a premium before race wars, so plan accordingly.
2011-08-08 02:36:01
88mm 400whp safe?
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