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Thread: Help boost problems

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2011-08-25 22:35:07
well i got the cracks brazed, new WG bracket and still the same problem....12-14 vacuum at idle and no boost.
2011-08-25 22:37:35
how much preload did you put on the actuator?
2011-08-25 23:07:05
pre load?.....
2011-08-25 23:19:44
2011-08-26 00:41:59
it all the way closed and has no movement
2011-08-26 00:49:56
if you dont have any boost leaks, then id say the turbo is no good.
2011-08-26 23:21:37
even tho i can hear it spooling?....is an rb20 t28 to big for a gtir motor? I can get one close to me and for a decent price.
2011-08-27 00:05:44
Originally Posted by randokuky
test drove after cleaning the pipes no change, disconnected the WG no change. At idle my boost gauge is reading 14-16 in vacuum side ( before i fixed all the vacuum leaks it was 8-10) and oil pressure is at 35 cold 25 hot.

I did boost leak test and cant find anymore vac leaks, I also took the boost gauge out cleaned it put on teflon tape and reinstalled.

Something is off here. Your vacuumn should be between 19-21. Either your gauge is insensitive or you have a leak. Have you tried misting throttle cleaner around hoses or couplers around the engine bay? If there is a leak the engine will suck in the throttle body cleaner and affect the idle.
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