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Thread: Help boost problems

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2011-08-01 19:46:37
can the cracks be welded or is this turbo (at lest this side of it) shit?
2011-08-01 19:55:39
That could be the problem. However, mine looked about half that bad and has no problems holding boost. I have pics of my wastegate cracks if you're interested.
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2011-08-01 19:59:53
there is also oil in the intake tube pre turbo, I have a catch can hooked up and its coming from there but there is alot....I changed pvc valves when i got the car. is this normal or another problem.
2011-08-01 20:00:32
yes plz post pics
2011-08-01 20:02:26
Pics: http://www.sr20-forum.com/229855-post259.html
2011-08-01 20:04:28
DSM boys have been having similar issues with thier 14B and T25 for years. They just weld them up and keep going.
2011-08-01 20:08:29
can improper timing cause this problem (no boost/excessive oil blow by)? The last owner said the dizzy was out of the car when he got it and given the state of the car when i got it he may not have put it back in right. should i remove it and check the cam timing aswell? I have checked the timing and i retarded it to 17* at 20 it was sluggish to start now it fires right up.
2011-08-02 02:08:39
^^^ been searching for a few hours but havent found a yes or a no
2011-08-02 02:23:21
Not sure if its the same, but i have a .64 ar 5bolt T2 turbine housing from a gt2860rs for sale if you can use it.
2011-08-02 04:16:54
sounds like an internal wasgate problem. My car was kinda doing the same thing. My friend pulled out the turbo and there was about a 1/8" between the housing and the gate. Why not get the turbo welded then grind it down smooth, and adjust the flap to close....? Just a suggestion
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