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Thread: Help boost problems

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2011-07-23 03:19:48
I had the same problem with my GTIR after my rebuild, turned out the wg was frozen. I checked by taking the vac line from the wg and putting a little bit of air to it to see if it moved under pressure (just dont put to much air to it and blow out the diaphragm). Just an idea....
2011-07-25 18:55:28
witch way is the flapper arm closed? right now its pulling the arm to the right/driver side.
2011-07-26 08:41:35
just out of curiosity, did you just swap the gtir motor in? Was the car running fine and then now it's in this funk. I had a 93 g20 that i swapped a gtir into and had all kinds of problems. While i agree to check the wastegate and also suggest the BOV while your at it, if your running a boost controller like an apexi avc-r or something, make sure that isnt all jacked up. I know im new here but i couldnt get my gtir running for like 5 months and it ended up i had two plugs switched. Not implying anything about your intelligence but sometimes you got step back and approach from a different angle. Or maybe im just an idiot. good luck.
2011-07-26 23:17:13
no i purchased the car with the swap in it, I have checked everything I can think of and what ppl have told me with no luck....
2011-07-28 21:42:15
ok so since no one wants to buy the car i guess ill keep trying to fix it, once it cools off im going to break the welds on the WG braket (i had to make one) and make sure its tight and pulling the arm closed then re weld it.
2011-07-28 22:58:32
have you checked the turbo to make sure its not damaged. Checked the compressor wheel for excessive movement. Also I would check the turbine housing to make sure the waste gate port is not cracked.
2011-07-28 23:51:40
I checked the turbo when i first got the car, there was little up and down movement and no in and out.

I re-welded the WB bracket with no change in the results. i guess i have to take all that bullshit off again and recheck the WG flapper to make sure nothing has changed.
2011-07-29 05:41:34
how did you make the waste gate bracket? pics? if the bracket isn't built to resist flexing, the flapper could be opening or not sealing all the way. most sheet metal wg brackets have a lip or bend built in to increase rigidity. take this one from ATP for example

2011-08-01 15:55:47
well i took everything apart and found the port the WG flapper covers has cracks in it 2 good size and 2 little ones, is this causing my problems?

2011-08-01 17:01:18
Wow, those are pretty sizable cracks

This "could" be a problem if the metal around the cracks itself moves enough allowing exhaust by it.
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