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Thread: Let's Talk About Ignition Systems (Big Juice applications)

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2011-07-15 02:08:36
They are both good systems. The only reason I ended up using the MSD is, that's what we used on our SCCA 510s back in the day and never had any problems so I stuck with what I know. That's the same reason I ended up with a Sentra instead of a Honda. Nissans have been in my family before I was in my family. It's just a matter of preference.
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2011-07-15 02:28:08
Originally Posted by denske
How do you use individual coils with a digital6?

Q45 igniter configure ems.u know the rest.
2011-07-27 01:29:23
2011-07-27 01:31:03
Originally Posted by Benito
I have a 6AL in my B13. Does this do anything for me besides give my engine bay a certain 1980s look?

Its shaped like a brick and kind of reminds me of the old Stillen valve covers.... I think Rich is the only guy on the forum running one recently.

if you were listening to me when i sold you the car you would have heard me say that the computer has no rev cut. and that is what the 6AL is for.
2012-06-28 01:52:49
anyone have the installation diagram, etc for an ignition box?
2012-06-28 02:10:19
look at this
2012-06-28 02:51:20
Originally Posted by rmyc
anyone have the installation diagram, etc for an ignition box?

Its simple on the older cars with external coils.
Use your multimeter to figure out which wire is ignition switched, and the other one is your trigger. Give the msd box power and ground, and you're done.
2012-06-28 14:55:34
its really simple. I used a oem fan plug like miko suggested and soldered it into the msd harness. Then plugged into the factory coil harness for the coil signal and 12volt switched signal. I will post up the link to the instructions when I get home.
2012-06-28 20:05:01
instructions on how to install msd box using oem fan plug

2012-06-29 04:25:08
on the ignition cut rev limitier and 2step, wont getting and AEM EMS cover that?
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