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Thread: Catch can filling up fast

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2011-06-15 16:43:59
Catch can filling up fast
I am kinda stumped on an issue I am having. I just put my engine back together and it is running great, BUT I will drive like 20 miles and my catch can is almost full of oil. It is a DET engine, I have eliminated my stock catch can(no room) so I have the hose running from the block up to the valve cover T, then a hose coming off of the other side of the T, running to my catch can and then into my intake pipe pre turbo. Any ideas? Do I need to change the way my catch can is routed?

2011-06-15 16:59:18
Yea, I have mine coming off the Valve Cover to the catch can, and then to the intake pipe.

My guess it maybe has to do with your blow through setup.
2011-06-15 17:05:37
Your routing sounds fine. You either have a lot of blow-by, or what normally drains from the stock catch-can will no longer drain back to the block because gravity can no longer drain your catch-can. Try some lightly packed steel wool throughout the hose that goes from the block to the "T" and see if that helps a bit.
2011-06-15 17:10:22
Hmm. Mine is routed the same, but I have yet to install a catch can. I've pulled the lines periodically to check if there has been oil in the lines, but they've been bone dry.
2011-06-15 18:59:19
He might be having some ring seal issues then (you're turbo NightStalker?). Compression check time?
2011-06-15 19:03:09
compression test
2011-06-15 19:23:55
Already did one, between 165-170 across.
170-168-169-166 to be exact.
2011-06-15 19:44:23
Is this 20 miles of boosting 30 psi, or?

How is your oil level? Are you overly full?

You should check to see if you're pressurizing the crank case with boost pressure somehow as well (aside from blow-by).
2011-06-15 20:04:02
Originally Posted by BenFenner
He might be having some ring seal issues then (you're turbo NightStalker?). Compression check time?

Yeah. Have been for a while.
2011-06-16 08:31:05
I had a similar situation and after pulling my head I found out my headgasket was shot! Hopefully that's not the same in your situation
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