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Thread: big bore, high comp, VE-T build--SHE STARTED!!!!!

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2011-06-02 03:07:24
big bore, high comp, VE-T build--SHE STARTED!!!!!
i finally stopped being an LMF, as i am sometimes called...and decided to start getting shit done, ill post some specs and pics

-darton sleeves
-CP 90mm 12.5:1 comp pistons(coated skirts/upgraded tool steel wrist pins)
-Manly turbo tuff rods
-ACL race bearings rod/main/thrust
-GTiR crank, lightened/balanced/micropolished
-ARP main studs
-ARP/Mazworx 1/2" headstuds
-power enterprise/mazworx big bore head gasket
-NEOvvl oil pump
-NEOvvl head
mildly ported
supertech valvetrain
chuck sr20turbofreak/snickers turbo cams 296-I/296-E
-new OEM chain/guids/n1 tensioner
-BJ's intake mani/Q45 TB
-lovefab sidewinder/t4/v44 gate/4" downpipe
-PTE 6768billett HP, t4, 3" vband
-ATI dampner
-AEM EMS/oem GM ls2 coils/AEM 5bar map
-OEM h2o pump
-Gspec power steering elimination kit
-dual bosch o44 pumps/stock sumped tank/dual -8 feeds/-10 to rail
-EFI wizard 2000's
-weldon FPR
there is more

and a zex direct port kit if needed
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2011-06-02 03:14:38
nice build
2011-06-02 03:20:15
Looks like a good parts setup. I love the v/c color. Looks like titanium in the first pic.
2011-06-02 03:21:17
thats just insane .

your gonna have to run some serious fuel though.

love the valve cover.

i enjoy seeing people who push the envolope.

thumbs up brother.

2011-06-02 03:38:54
ARe you doing the assembly yourself? I want to do mine but I'm scared lol. This motor is gonna make insane power man good luck.
2011-06-02 04:52:51
Nice list of parts.What do you have in mind for transmission & clutch?
Why 12.5:1 compression?
2011-06-02 05:03:39
It always makes me wonder now, what people plan on using for a transmission. I can't say for certain how successful any trans option is. But I have been unable to put more than 450whp through the 5 speeds available without blowing them up. They hold up for quite a while on race cars with little weight though. So you will probably be fine there.

The 6 speed is a viable option now that a lot of the kinks are worked out. Just getting the slave cylinder is a PITA nowadays.

I'd vote 5 speed with a gutted car.
2011-06-02 05:03:49
Sick fuk. lol. Looks good bro
2011-06-02 05:14:06
Its gonna make a ton of power at very very low boost levels. To those asking why 12.5:1 compression. Heck thats a norm in the honda world in boost applications now. Its all in the tune. One of the shops in phoenix tuned a 13:1 compression b-series big boost civic and made insane power, i believe 800whp at less than 30psi of boost.

Hell of a build man. Cant wait to see it running and some numbers.
2011-06-02 05:22:57
ok...what do u do for a living? i want in...serioulsy lol.
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