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2011-06-02 02:22:58
new member
hello everyone,

My name is marvin and i have just puchased a 94 sentra with a knocking gtir swap. As of right now i still cannot deciede on what i want to do with the car. My options are rebuild the gtir or just pick up a avenir motor set put it in the car and call it a day. But before i make my decision i would to ask some of you guys on which would be better. I know that the gtir is a little bit stronger motor then the regular sr20det but their parts are also a little harder to find. My goals for the car is to make roughly 350whp with a very simple setup.
2011-06-02 03:30:46
VE swap and throw the t28 setup on there
2011-06-02 04:20:41
Originally Posted by chapnutz1
VE swap and throw the t28 setup on there

thats a damn good idea right there!
whats you general location? i saw a rod knocking det sentra on craigslist in the portland area a while back
2011-06-02 04:24:09
It is a small turbo for a VE but it would be fun!!
2011-06-02 04:42:13
i am in dallas texas.
2011-06-02 04:44:31
car came with a knocking gtir swap, and a haltech e6x standalone until. would the e6x run the vvl on the ve motor?
2011-06-02 05:01:20
not sure myself.....you could prolly search the VVL section
2011-06-03 22:05:07
Yes it will, you would just have to wire one of the aux outputs to the solonoids...recalibrate the fuel table, and the timing map for the different compression and you're ready to go...e6x is pretty easy to work wiyh...plus you're close to T1 and he would be able to tune it if needed
2011-06-09 04:15:07
well i have been doin some research and would like your opinions on this setup. i plan on buying a ve motor, taking the pistons, main bolts and crank gurdle out of the gtir motor, and use the manley rods i have (was givin two sets when i built a sr 240 a couple years ago) . would this a good base to make some good power?
2011-06-09 13:43:41
A friend of mine has a VE+T with a T28 and the car runs very nice! And also another friend is running a T25 on a VE and the car moves very good!

If I were you I would rebuild the GTiR... That engine is strong!
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