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Thread: 91 se-r w/GTIR issues

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2011-05-29 17:31:04
91 se-r w/GTIR issues
well I picked up a 91 ser with a blown gtir in it a while ago. I rebuilt the engine and now have it back in but I am having troubles getting it to idle right and it is running pig rich. for the idle I have adjusted the tps to get it back to .45v because it was up to 1.5v throttle closed, set the timing to 20*. the only thing i can think of is that its not going into timing mode correctly I followed the FSM by disconnecting the tps and reving 3 times. As for the rich running issue I have the fuel pressure set at 36 at idle. the air bleed screws on the ITBs were screwed all the way in which I would think would make it rich, so I adjusted them out and made sure they all had the same vac. but it is still running rich. It is running a code 34 for the knock sensor I did change it and it came back I dont know if the code is there because of rich/idleing issures or the other way around. As for the setup on the car it is pretty much a stock engine with fordged pistons, 444cc injectors w/drop down resistors, Z32 maf, JWT ecu programmed for everything, and stock t28. any suggestions would be great.
2011-05-29 19:14:34
knock sensor harness, check it.
2011-05-31 23:17:45
I checked the knock sensor harness and everything seems to be ok there. I was thinking if the timing chain jumped on the crank would it cause these problems? I am going to check it agian tomorrow to make sure but for the car to run I have to have the dizzy turned all the way towards the firewall, but it does show 20* on the crank unless I am reading it wrong. 20* is the mark furthest to the right if you are looking down at it from the pass. side correct?
2011-06-02 00:37:09
I am at a loss on this I have checked everything I can think of and done all the tips from everyone. I did check the knock sensor wiring throught the whole harness and everything seems to be ok. I was thinking that maybe the timing jumped a tooth on the crank when I put it together so today I pulled the VC off and set it to TDC on #1 and checked it for the 3rd time and it is right on but what is weird is I wouldnt think I should have to have the dist. fully advance for it to run, if I retard it at all it wants to die..... I am at a complete loss with this thing right now.
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2011-06-02 01:12:18
I would set the timing at 15 or even 17 but it seems to me like the car isn't going into timing mode.
2011-06-02 01:57:30
I will try to get it into timing mode again tomorrow, the other thing is when I disconnect the TPS to put into timing mode the idle raises for a few seconds and then drops back down to where it was before I disconnected it.
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