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Thread: Boost by gear w/ standalone

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2011-05-27 20:23:00
Boost by gear w/ standalone
Who has this done and what did it take to do it? The boost controller that I have is on a simple solenoid and I was told that it is super easy to do.
2011-05-27 20:25:57
I've gotten 95% of the way there on one car. Does that count?

I takes engine speed and vehicle speed to come up with the gear data (or a gear selection sensor but that is not happening) so the ECU knows what gear you're in. Then you have to tune a PWM table for the boost control solenoid so that you can obtain the boost levels you're looking for. This takes quite a bit of work. Other systems might use a closed loop control to try to obtain desired boost levels but I've only worked with the PWM table style.

Then you just tell it what boost level you want in which gear.
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2011-05-27 20:27:54
If you have a little info to go with that 95%...yea it might count.
2011-05-27 20:34:29
Where I failed was in tuning the PWN table. It turned out the boost control solenoid we had was completely busted. We went to a manual boost controller and never finished setting up the boost-by-gear.

I'm confident it would have worked fine though. What part of it are you struggling with right now?
2011-05-28 01:12:09
ummm...the whole thing, haha. Haven't done any homework on it yet really, just wanted to know the wiring side of it I guess. The firmware and tuning side should be pretty easy.
2011-05-28 01:19:34
It's a PWM controlled solenoid, just like an idle control valve. It needs power from wherever, and it will ground through the controller/ECU. It controls the wastegate pressure signal. What more is there to know?
2011-05-28 05:22:54
sounds good to me, this is the first i've looked into it Ben, I appreciate the info. I'm sure that I'll have to solder some wires into my board to make it work but the external wiring sounds super easy.
2011-05-28 18:19:32
My car has it set up ....but a friend did it for me ....so I am no help
2011-05-28 23:25:29
Tried it...failed!

Now have 2 manual controllers that I operate with switches on the steering wheel!
2011-05-29 21:56:36
Originally Posted by Bull
Tried it...failed!

Now have 2 manual controllers that I operate with switches on the steering wheel!

haha, that's what I have now...hard to stay consistent though flipping a switch! What was the problem with yours??
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