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Thread: 450whp on a GT2871R? RWD DET.. It is so....

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2011-05-29 05:48:34
Yeah numbers are good. Im not super impressed though. I did 400 wheel on a built det, s4s, stock intake mani and tb @ 18psi

The 718r is a great turbo. Super responsive and it held power to 8k.

2011-05-29 14:08:20
What is a 718r? I think you're mixing up turbos... nice numbers on the rwd even though it isn't whp seems like it would be a fun ass car to drive...
2011-05-29 14:49:10
That is whp. Why would he put it on the dyno and get flywheel numbers? The 71R is

capable of putting out the numbers that he got, no problem.

2011-05-29 15:07:51
Originally Posted by 91B13DET
Why would he put it on the [chassis] dyno and get flywheel numbers?
I've asked that question a million times as well. It doesn't stop people from doing it though.
2011-05-29 17:15:56
One trend I have realized among the UK dyno graphs, is them putting flywheel HP on cars that have been on the chassis dyno. Not certain as to the reason for this.

But regardless, Maxworx DID mention at the top of the post it was WHP, so although these numbers are above your everyday standard, for what its worth, I will take their word for it.
2011-05-29 17:17:32
ohh it is whp, then yeah thats a really good set up and tune.

id say the intake mani has alot to do with that extra power.

2011-05-30 06:34:16
2011-05-30 21:05:44
The measurement is taken at the wheels and then calculated from the coastdown!

It is an estimated flywheel horsepower measurement, not power at the wheels!
2011-06-07 02:15:41
What fuel is he running and what is he using to tune the car is big. If on race fuel with a standalone it will happen. V-band flanges gives better flow than standard flanges.
2011-06-12 02:35:15
Clean car, nice powerband
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