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Thread: Idling issue

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2011-05-24 22:31:38
Idling issue
Hey, so I've got an issue with my car idling.
I'll go into the background first. Several months ago, i drove my car to school, parked and shut it off like I normally do. An hour later, it wouldn't start. I ended up towing it home and tearing it apart. I definitely had fuel from the injectors, and i did have spark from the plugs.
I messed around with it for days with no luck. I ended just doing the headgasket and resurfacing the head since it was slightly warped since i got the motor from the import place, and i had been meaning to do it for a while. I figured i'll mess with the "not starting" problem after i put it back together. I also replaced the valve seals and put in Brian Crower springs and retainers, and Stage 3 BC cams. Got it put back all together and it still wouldn't start. In the midst of everything, I look off the distributor, then took off the cap and rotor. Everything looked normal so I put it back together and back on the motor.
To my surprise, it started. Except it won't idle what-so-ever. It just immediately dies unless i give it throttle. It'll stay running as long as kinda pump the throttle in and out. If i hold it at a constant throttle, say 2-3k rpm, it'll hold there for a sec then just die unless i push the throttle in further again.
I thought maybe it was the idle air control valve since it had been acting up on me before the car died, but i didn't really make a difference at all when i replaced it with my spare.
I don't think it's the TPS or MAF or anything since the car ran fine until that day I parked it at school, but obviously i could be wrong lol. The main thing i'm thinking is the dizzy since the car wouldn't even start until I had taken it apart. Does that sounds like an issue caused from a bad dizzy? Any other ideas? And the stage 3 cams wouldn't cause it to not idle at all right? My timing is dead on to spec.
2011-05-25 22:11:21
If you have a cat it might be clogged.clean iacv and aac
2011-06-13 20:30:31
It has a aftermarket 2 1/2" cat that can't be more than a couple years old. I'll check regardless tho since I have the exhaust still partway off from doing the hg. Any recommendations for checking the cat? I haven't done that before.
The IACV and AAC are the same unit right? I had already took it off and cleaned my spare one with throttle body cleaner and put it on. Didn't change anything. I'll check the resistance on that and my tps to make sure they're still under spec.
Any other ideas what might cause this? It's just kinda odd how it was working fine, then suddenly didn't...
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