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Thread: turbo b13 questions

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2011-05-24 14:58:12
turbo b13 questions
Whats the max boost/or hp the tranny can hold up to without shattering? Im looking to buy and start building a b13 only going for 8-14psi.
2011-05-24 17:08:04
Driving style will determine how long your trans lives. You can shear it even NA.

That aside, Mike K said that B13/B14/P10 trans are only good for 170whp reliably. But a lot of people run 10-17 psi without any known issues.

Eliminate Wheel hop, get a good suspension and solid (prothanes) motor mounts. Don't run slicks, you want your tires to break loose, if they don't break loose then the transmission is taking all of the beating.
2011-05-24 17:15:11
^^^ Agreed.

Torque (and ultimately "grip") is what breaks things, not power.
2011-05-24 19:44:13
+1^ one guy on her kept going through tranny cuz he drive slick on the street that wouldn't give
2011-05-24 19:46:59
What Vadim said, is more about how often you take it to the strip and wheel hop more than a power issue
2011-05-24 19:54:59
Originally Posted by Boostlee
Torque (and ultimately "grip") is what breaks things, not power.
Yep. And (lack of) tire grip or clutch grip can be your saving grace.

I like to think 250 WTQ is about the upper limit on the 3rd gear of these transmissions during a "roll-on" with the right clutch, tires and driving habits. You can be fine with more or break it with less depending on those variables.
2011-05-26 10:53:50
I stay out of 3rd gear as much as possible and I ease it into 3rd if I do use it. I have yet to break a transmission.
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