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Thread: New setup and build....Updated 5/25/12...723whp!!!!!!

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2012-05-12 21:00:47
Originally Posted by BenFenner
I can understand making sure you get the best compatibility with your ECU as possible. FYI your HALL setup is analog. The Nissan optical sensor produces a proper square-wave (digital) that emulates a HALL sensor, except better in every way from an engineering stand-point. But whatever... =/

Ben, Pretty sure its a digital signal. The sensor is a dual pole hall sensor. Here is another link with info on the sensor being its the same sensor that T1 uses on their kits.

T1 Cam Trigger Kit B Series

Either way it creates a much more stable reliable signal.
2012-05-12 21:11:09
Need moar aero!
2012-05-12 21:12:45
I'm not going to clutter up your thread more with HALL effect sensor talk. Maybe somewhere else.

You gunna run this thing on the road course?
2012-05-12 21:18:12
Hell no on the road course. lol. Drag then cruise on sunday as long as everything goes well.
2012-05-12 21:20:25
Whats that in the middle of the fuel rail? is it a sending unit for a fuel presure gauge??
2012-05-12 21:40:56
Yes, sensor for the AEM fuel pressure gauge.
2012-05-16 06:09:39
Alright, Productive day for once but ran into issue after issue. First off the turbo manifold didnt fit the turbo like I would have liked. Basicly for the time being im not going to be able to fit my hood and had to do a bit more cutting to the support. After the dyno time and convention and after I return from another year I plan on having a custom manifold made to better fit the turbo in the bay so that I can run a hood and so on. There is plenty of room to better position the turbo but a custom manifold is a must. It basicly needs to put the compressor housing a bit more towards the right side of the motor and lower by about 5-6". Again I have plenty of room to do so with the half width radiator just going to come down to having it done.

Again kinda what I get for trying to have parts made without being there to take measurements myself. As for the intake manifold. Tight fit but it clears with about 1/2" to spare. I have no engine movement, at least not any noticable so no big deal there. I had to go back to my old intercooler as the v-bands were not going to work with the turbo placement the way it is. No big deal as the core is the same exact size anyways. Just going back with good old couplers. I have an appointment this weekend for dyno tuning. All Im waiting on is my new flange so I can get the intake manifold finished up and then do my catch can and up pipe for the exhaust. As far as mechanics go everything is solid and is more just cosmetic and fitment issues that are bugging me. But the car will be ready to go and put down some numbers hopefully this weekend.

On to the pics.

Fitting drilled and tapped for the Backpressure sensor.

Twin Disk 6 speed swap flywheel back in place.

Comp Twin back in place.

Trans mounted back on the motor.

Some pics of the harness installed onto the motor.

The motor is back in the engine bay.

Tight fit but its in

Hot side pipe installed

Should have a majority of the stuff finished up in the next day or so.
2012-05-16 06:24:14
Wow nice pics. I love the vc color. That Turbo is hugs.
2012-05-16 10:41:29
El Diablo!! ^_^
2012-05-16 11:49:57
Looks like your turbo ate the headlight already.
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