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Thread: New setup and build....Updated 5/25/12...723whp!!!!!!

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2011-05-24 04:41:45
New setup and build....Updated 5/25/12...723whp!!!!!!
Decided Im going to reorganize this a bit. New setup in the works and the status of each item and a picture if applicable: The car is my 1992 Nissan Sentra SE-R that ive owned since May 2007, originally 2 owner rust free in White. I later painted it an Abyss Blue Pearl from an 05 Acura TL. Beautiful color. Its been through a lot of setups over the years but non will amount to what I have in the works. You can search past threads if you want to know more about past setups and 1/4 mile times and so on. Ashtonsser is my user name on Youtube as well w/ plenty of vids there.

On to the setup:
SR20VE sleeved and stepped block by mazworx and also drilled and tapped for their 1/2" headstuds : Block is finished

SR20VE head w/ Supertech 130 lb seat pressure springs and Titanium retainers, port matched and polished on both the intake and exhaust side to match the manifolds, and using SR16VE N1 cams and CS cam gears set to 0,0 to start, head will be resurfaced for a smooth flat surface and machined to fit the 1/2" studs: Ve head is off and currently untouched.

SR20VE oil pump decked with block: Complete
8CW crank micro polished: Currently ready for drop in SR20DET
GTI-R Main bolts: On hand
ACL Race 5 hole main bearings and GTIR 19mm standard rod bearings: Received

SR20DE girdle and pans: Currently have and waiting for use SR20VE

CP 86mm 9:1 pistons w/ upgraded tool steel wrist pins:Received

Crower 1500hp Billet I-beam rods made for 19mm GTIR bearings: Recieved

Mazworx SR20VE Hall Effect Sensor cam/crank trigger kit: Received

SR20VET metal headgasket:Received

BMC Race custom intake manifold w/ 3L plenum, Q45 TB flange, setup for B16 fuel rail and ID2000 Injectors: Currently painted, prepped, and ready to go

ID2000 injectors for B-series motor: Received and tophats anodized black

Golden Eagle B series fuel rail in Gold: Currently have and ready to go:

Custom Equal Length T4 Topmount Turbo manifold and JGS 50mm Race wastegate: Done by DOC Racing and wastegate from Eric Wolf (NissanCrazy)

Switched my turbo choice to the new Borg Warner S400SX 67mm Billet turbo w/ 1.10 T4 divided housing. Going to be running it on an open scroll manifold. By far the largest 67mm turbo on the market and has proven to make in the 950-1000whp range at roughly 37-40psi. This should definitly put me at my goals with ease. Here is a size comparison of the turbo next to a stock srt4 turbo: Just won this turbo on ebay and saved a couple hundred in the process vs what they usually go for. So not bad.

Mezier Electric water pump and blockoff plate: Currently have

Honda civic 3 core radiator w/ Flexalite 1250 cfm slim fan: currently have

Massive SRT4 intercooler 32X12X4 w/ custom v-band inlet and outlet: On hand

Tial Q 50mm BOV in Black: On Hand

04 Se-r Spec V HLSD 6 speed transmission mated to a P12 bellhousing: currently have and Im going to paint it in a wrinkle black.

Competition Clutch custom 6 speed swap Twin Disk setup: currently have

Spec V axles w/ Custom 4X100 b15 hubs mated to b13 knuckles: need to have knuckles machined for b15 bearings.

Sumped stock fuel tank: Currently have, Local shop will weld sump onto stock tank

Weldon 1100-A fuel pump w/ Weldon filters: Ordering from T1

-10 fuel feed line to 5/8" aluminum hardline, -8 return: Parts on the way

Weldon 0-200 fuel pressure regulator: currently have the correct one from Weldon

Mazworx 6 speed swap mount kit: currently have

AEM EMS and AEM Twinfire CDI box mounted on a custom electronics plate w/ vvl activation relay, ECCS relay, and other associated connectors from gauge wiring to be tied in with the EMS and harness: Currently finished awaiting install Custom Mil-Spec harness assembled and done by me using Chase Bays Connector Kit: Currently finished awaiting injector clips and install into the car

Electronics include AEM wideband, AEM boost gauge, AEM fuel pressure gauge, Autometer Electronic Oil pressure gauge: currently have all awaiting to install

Custom cooling plate/upper radiator mount: currently have

Suspension consists of K-sport coilovers w/ preloaded rears set to full stiff dampening and no preload on the fronts at half dampening, ES bushings all the way around, and new ball joints and tie rods: Currently done and on the car Seats are Recaro Evo 8 seats in blue: waiting to get them from my buddy 10 pt chromoly cage and parachute mount: Gonna be done by Turbo Elements in San Antonio, TX after the new year along with window net, parachute, and release lever and cable. Cage will be certified ready down to 8.50 et's Interior will remain w/ all door panels, carpet, and dash to compete in True Street category.

The engine bay theme will be Matte black w/ Bronze accents. Wheels: Racing Hart Cybers done up in Bronze w/ Matte Black Lips, 235/60/15 BFG's on the front, 205/50/15 Falkens on the rear

Drag wheels: Weld Racing 13" wheels done in bronze centers w/ Matte black lips w/ M/T 24.5X9X13 slicks basicly brand new mounted w/ Bead lock screws installed: All wheels are currently finished

Currently in the works is an Exospeed 3 piece wide drag front end that will be painted the Abyss Blue Pearl 05 Acura TL color to match the car

CF trunk, lightweight version: currently on the car

Ill try and keep this section updated as well to make it easier since there are usually a lot of posts between updates. Eliminates having to search for pictures. The Tuning of the car while I usually do all the tuning and work myself and since my last setup Ive learned alot about the AEM and all the functions of it and how to use them but Im no pro. With the Goals of 800+whp at hand I decided to have the hands of one of the best AEM tuners in the country go to work on it, That man is Tony Palo from T1 Race Development in Texas. Having one of the fastest FWD imports in the country the guy knows his stuff and is the perfect guy for the job. I will be overlooking and hopefully working right along with him on the tune to learn even more but it will be primarily in his hands. Lastly, See you guys at the SR2012 Convention in Ohio. Be ready.
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2011-05-24 05:04:54
Instead of buying new coilovers you can buy qa1 coilover springs and pick the rates they have available. Sounds like a good plan overall.
2011-05-24 05:08:15
I need to get new suspension anyways. My struts are blown and old. The GCs are a pretty good spring for drag racing but still need a bit more stiffer in the rear. Front was great but back still needed something more. Plan on bumping the dampening to full stiff and preload the springs some as well. That should give it the stiffness im looking for while maintaining good stability. The fronts I will keep the dampener at half or so and no preload on the springs. Will allow for some flex and provide stability as well.
2011-05-24 10:52:08
Gonna be nuts.
2011-05-24 10:57:05
Sounds basically like my car in a different color glad to see sombody building a great street car
2011-05-24 11:28:03
how much do u think this all will cost?
2011-05-24 15:53:57
Well I already have the motor, so just the pistons, the ve head and sr16 cams, Supertech springs and retainers, headgasket, studs, turbo, intake manifold, and cage and some misc stuff like new acl bearings and new gtir main bolts. Other than that I have everything else. Im probably looking at about 5 to 6k. I do everything myself except the bore work on the motor and of course the intake manifold is made by a company. Saves me a lot of money.
2011-05-24 16:07:08
Shoulda just bought b13fever's car. Save some money and comes with parts already installed...(plus some better parts)

Also, why not 20v cams?
2011-05-24 16:14:48
If you remember some testing that JP did on the cams and big turbos on his ve you will know why. The sr16 cams will give me the extra power and put the powerband where I want it. Looking at making power from about 5500 all the way to 9500 or so. Thats where I want to be and the SR16 cams are perfect for that.

Ive already come a long way with my car, no reason to give up on it yet. Once the cage goes in I will be able to get the thing certified and out there at competitions without being kicked off.
2011-05-24 22:50:11
the only input is hurry the f***k up, get back safe, buy alot of stuff, and post some good pics and details as you go!
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