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Thread: Strange Dyno Graph..Dip + Missing WHP (Updated: ECUTALK logs)

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2011-05-23 23:21:31
UPDATED with ECUTALK logs in the first post.
2011-05-23 23:39:08
Originally Posted by NissanUnlimited
328hp and 300tq, those look like awesome Numbers there ! Don't know much on the dyno graph tho !

numbers are very low for the setup and the psi level thats being run.

2011-05-24 00:04:29
I was just thinking...

in the ECUtalk logs my duty cycle is at 92%. I'm only making 330whp. I bought(what I thought was) yellow side feed STI injectors. I was doing some reading and found out that the 2002 WRX(among other cars) came w/440cc yellow side-feed injectors. Is it possible I bought 440cc injectors from an early model WRX and that's why I see such high duty cycle?

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2011-05-24 00:14:04
yeah if the injectors are only 440cc they would be close to being maxed out even at 4 bar
2011-05-24 00:19:58
Originally Posted by cortrim1
yeah if the injectors are only 440cc they would be close to being maxed out even at 4 bar

Well, I may be sending 1 off to get flow tested then...

Update: Upon further research it appears these early model yellow injectors looked quite a bit different (not exactly the same as the new STI's). I'm pretty sure I have STI injectors at this point, but the 92% duty cycle still makes no sense.

Here's a pic of the old yellow tops:

My injectors:

STI Injectors:

So I'm pretty confident I have STI injectors. So I wonder what would be causing 92% duty cycle. Bah, so many mysteries.

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2011-05-24 01:19:11
That's ok. I've been told 740cc injectors run up to 500whp, but mine showed 104% duty cycle on datascan when I was making ~480whp. Granted I'm revving to 8800rpm, but the motor never leaned out. The MAF was reading 4.91V iirc and that's showing nearly maxed out as well.

I hope to make 500whp with a few changes,

Do you have a pic of the dizzy of how the timing looks. I've always had to have my timing pretty far advanced to get decent results as well. Maybe you have a tooth off on your timing?
2011-05-24 01:40:30
I ran my 740's to over 500whp and it still had more to go
2011-05-24 05:23:54
Well, we checked the cam timing for the 10th time. I took pictures so I could tell people I'm not crazy.

The chain has some slack in it, but I think that's either normal or sign of an old tensioner.

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2011-05-24 05:26:40
your cam timing is perfect man. No need to check it anymore.
2011-05-24 05:52:25
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
your cam timing is perfect man. No need to check it anymore.

Ya, but wtf is up w/the really advanced distributor lol..that's what always confused me and why I've checked it so much.

Well, so it's not cam timing...onwards towards A/F checks and fixing that leak at the compressor housing/CHRA.

We did a compression test as well tonight, but it was the first time we tried it lol. The tester was in good condition and was on loan from a friend.

We saw 130-130-125-130 (Could have been 140-140-135-140..couldn't tell from the gauge) Anyways, not sure if we even did the test right, but numbers are at least consistent. 130 may be a little low, but supposedly S4 cams lowers the #'s on a compression test anyways. Will try it again this week possibly. We left the spark plugs in and wires in for each run:

All the spark plugs seemed fine:

I'm going over everything lol..I refuse to believe the car only makes 330whp

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