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Thread: UPDATE:Swapping a t25 for a t28 with no other upgrades: turbo is here

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2011-05-18 17:22:36
yes, I was running T25 wastegate on my T28
2011-05-18 17:55:16
Well its slow today so I decided to mock up the turbo and see what it will take to get it mounted.

I had the old mani and turbo off in about 30 min ( i love how easy this car is to work on.)

So it is now bolted up and after reclocking the comp side it seems it will work with this WG. but I will need to obtain an 45 degree comp outlet flange because the old straight one from the t25 will sit on the radiator and I dont want that,lol.

So im gonna try slotting the WG bracket and see where that puts things.

Hell... if things go work out ok I might just install this thing completely, TODAY!
2011-05-18 22:05:28
Well..... I ran into a few problems.

1. jpipe from the t25 fits on the t28 except for 1 bolt hole is off by about 1/8"
Solution- slot the hole on the j pipe with a die grinder.

2. With the mani tightened up all the way to the head, The j pipe sits about 1/2" closer to the radiator. Making it a stretch for the downpipe to bolt up. BUT it does bolt up it just takes some fuss.

3. The comp housing hits the block right where there is 2 set screw/plugs in the block.( what are those for anyway?)
Solution- grind it down till it doesnt hit anymore.

4. The biggest problem. That i havent found a solution for. The gigantic wastegate hits everything, even after i slotted the holes for the bracket. It hits the block, if I move it so it doesnt hit the block, it hits the crank case breather tube. If i move anywhere else it hits something else. And this is all without the rod even connected to the flapper.

So i need to do some figuring out before mem day weekend. Gotta go thru all my turbo crap and see what wastegate parts I have, that i can make work.

Sigh....I was getting excited I almost had this thing on. Then....disappointment ensues.
2011-05-19 01:00:15
Swap the old wastegate actuator from the t25 on there?
2011-05-19 01:11:47
Originally Posted by Benito
Swap the old wastegate actuator from the t25 on there?

I dont think thats an option. The bracket on the old one mounts to the outside of the comp housing. The new turbo doesnt have any holes on the outside, only the back.

And the way that bracket is shaped i would be better off hacking it off and starting fresh.

Anyway, I found another WG in my parts bins, not sure if it will work yet but its worth a shot. Ill try it again tomorrow.

Anyone have a external gate they wanna sell? I could just weld the flapper shut and go that route.
2011-05-19 01:54:10
Play around clocking the turbo differently and try swapping the brackets. Mock it up w no bracket to see where you need it to sit. if you can make your ic piping work with it is also an issue if you clock it but.... You may have to buy another wastegate but theres always one 4s cheap on one of the forums. You might go baller and get a dope forge wastegate actuator and run like 12psi but you didnt upgrade your fuel pump
2011-05-19 22:31:39
In what direction is the turbo looking to?
Is the cold side piping looking up?
I had it that way, and I had to do a bit of work to the "stick" that goes from the actuator to the wastegate but nothing too difficult. That was using the T25 actuator on both T25 and then T28
2011-05-19 23:07:18
pics are worth a tousand words....

i have the same turb clocked the proper way for FWd, im in FL right now but will be back in PA tomorrwo, i can post up my pics & you can set your turbo the same way...should give you clearence....

also my WG flange is modified to soo i will post of the pics of that
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