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Thread: Newb turbo set up

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2011-05-05 14:19:41
Newb turbo set up
I've got a friend that just got a kit off ebay, turbo and all. I helped him put it on, no biggie. The seals blew out the first week so he rebuilt it and hasn't had any problems since. Anyways, he picked up some 370's and against recommendation put them in...on a totally stock ecu, stock fuel pump, basically a stock motor. The car is running rich at 10psi...WTF is up with that.

He doesn't listen to a word i say and I'm waiting for it to blow up but it's surprised the hell out of me that it's even lasted this long. He's hitting 15psi on occation and his plugs are still brown. I'm sure the plugs are evening out, rich at idle, cruise...lean at wot and making them nice and brown but I'm at a loss for words.

Anyone ever heard or done such a thing? Not really looking for any info. just want to know if anyone else has experienced this.
2011-05-05 14:34:54
Not the smartest idea, im sure it will run rich, but probably wont blow unless he overboosts it. At 15psi on occasion on a stock ecu which means way more timing than a turbo motor should have, im sure it wont be long. Its running rich because of the bigger injectors. It will run rich all the way through the powerband. The ecu is still triggering the injectors based on airflow and the airflow its seeing its probably telling those injectors to stay open constantly under wot. duty cycle maxed out. Im sure he burns a lot of gas. At 10 psi the motor will probably last forever just burning a lot of fuel and horrible mileage. He wont be making as much power as he should because of the richer af but the extra timing from the stock ecu is helping with the power.
2011-05-05 20:16:31
the car should run rich, the ecu thinks its firing 259cc so its opening the 370s at the same duty cycle so there for its injecting more fuel all over the map.

when i first turboed my g20 i used stock everything ecu injectors and maf. and the car ran perfect just had to keep the boost low.

as far as for your friend if he doesnt have alot of money he can invest in an used emanage and that will help him tune out any issues. the 2 main issues is the MAF sensor maxing out and the ecu still using the factory naturally aspirated timing map.

from there he can download the stock timing map and use the emanage to pull out timing where necessary. he can then get a cheap n60 maf and then max out the 370s and be safe.

btw i ran a emanage with all the diy hacks ect on a stock ecu for YEARS on my daily driver. i had up to 70lb injectors and up a z32 maf and any one who knew my car knows that the car ran flawless. the best thing i could ever say about this car is that it started up and drove like stock when out of boost. it would fire up one shot in the coldest of weathers. the trick to not blowing up on the stock ecu is to make sure your not maxing out your MAF *AND* start pulling timing out especially after 12psi
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2011-05-07 19:21:38
At 10psi I doubt he will blow the motor up, but running that rich means his car is not as fast as it should be, but I dont think that he will blow up the motor

I ran on stock ecu on both T25 and T28 setups with no detonation at all. The T25 saw a max of 12psi on stock maf, the T28 saw 14psi on "race mode" on N60 maf and I never had any detonation problems, with the T28 I couldnt boost more cause of injectors maxing out at 4bar FP...
I did that on a stock SE-R ECU + neo afc...
2011-05-09 01:12:13
how do you know you didnt have any detonation?
2011-05-11 05:47:20
plugs never had any sign of detonation, and the motor felt great. On the dyna it also looked and sounded fine...
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