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Thread: Recently picked up a GTI-R Pulsar Motor

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2011-05-04 03:07:58
Recently picked up a GTI-R Pulsar Motor
Hey guys, I recently picked up a gti-r pulsar sr20det, I'm new to the wang game and wanted to know tips and tricks of the trade on modding the gtir or removing some of the uneccasary plumbing and what not. I plan on swapping it in my b13 this weekend. I have an sr20VE harness setup now in my car, but I've gotten rid of that motor. What all wires would I have to change or remove to swap in the gti-r motor? Any info will help, thanks.
2011-05-04 12:36:55
Well to be honest, I ran all new wires when I did my swap. The gtir Is very simple. I am using maf wires , distributor wires, tps wires , and well the fuel pump. Other than that nothing is hooked up wire wise on my pulsar motor.
2011-05-04 14:05:52
hey mac i heard about ur new motor and good luck man if those honda boys thought u was fast with the vvl they really wont be able to touch u now especailly dominic is running very strong with his det, it seems im being left behind once again, lol but its all good man ill get there one day congrats!!!
2011-05-04 15:52:57
remove the metal y bracket off the rear of the motor
if you're not using the top mount, remove the metal intercooler mount bracket by the distributor side
install new silicone coolant hoses for all the rear, you can get it off ebay for under 100$, and use new clips/clamps
change the timing chain tensioner
2011-05-04 17:40:57
Noodle bearings need to be changed also. Remember that this motor was definately beat on so you need to do maintenance on it before hand. Its not like an Avenir or something that came out of a station wagon.
2011-05-04 18:40:24
Also, be advised that it has some significant differences when compared to regular SR20DETs. Something about noodle dimensions.
2011-05-04 20:09:15
Cool, can I use the gtir ecu? Keep the tips coming, cause I need everything I can get this weekend, thanks you all!
2011-05-05 07:18:52
They are 19mm noodle bearings not 17mm
2011-05-28 01:23:13
sry to thread jack but does anyone know if the iacv off the gtir is compatible with any other sr20s? mine broke
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