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Thread: Boosting a VE

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2011-05-02 23:02:37
Boosting a VE
Quick question for you guys, what is required for a VE to be a reliable boosted motor? All I can think of is a DE gurdle, oil pans and maybe a new headgasket. Looking for around 300whp off of a disco potato at around 15psi. I know tuning is everything when it comes to reliability but will the motor take the abuse with the high CR and high revs with no internal upgrades? Also did JWT ever fix their VE tunes yet or are they still garbage?
2011-05-02 23:13:30
dont need a gurdle, nor the head gasket, but since your taking it apart because you do need to upgrade pistons. the ring lands on ve pistons are much higher up then a de or det piston and will be the first to thing to go.

with smaller framed turbos stock ve's really dont take well to the additional heat and will tend to fail quickly.

what is your whp goals ??

2011-05-02 23:15:03
as i have been told since im looking into this as well is get det internals pistons,rods,crank,etc... use a VET head gasket and im planning BC dual valve springs an titanium retainers w/444 cc injectors walbro 255lph fp with a basic ecu tune @ 12psi i think that should get you some good numbers anything beyond this list i haven't gotten that far
2011-05-02 23:18:13
but i have also heard people throwing 10psi on a factory ve and having no issues

its all in the tuning
2011-05-02 23:21:13
tap it for the oil return upgrade the fuel setup put a t28 on it with your supporting mods and TUNE it and you will make your 300hp very easily.

It will all be in the tune when messing with the higher compression, less room for mistakes.
2011-05-03 00:18:06
Originally Posted by justinsdetailing
but i have also heard people throwing 10psi on a factory ve and having no issues

its all in the tuning

this is true. no issues, but for how long.

generally turbo guys will eventually push the envelope, "just a few more psi'' ok so the extra 2 psi didnt do it. then a few months later ahh just a bit more then boom.

give it a shot, you learn the most by doing things for your self, despite what we here inform you on what happens to you is the deciding factor.

2011-05-03 01:01:04
Yeah If I was going to do a VE-t setup I wouldnt do it on the stock block....actually im lying cause I would. But I can now keep my finger off the boost controller where as before I couldnt. Itll work And you can get power out of it. But if your gonna open it up anyway you might at well put new pistons in it so you can turn the boost up whenever you want. But yeah you can turbo a stock VE. The more power you want dictates how long before you have to rebuild!
2011-05-03 04:33:11
If you leave the stock pistons in, you will have 10.3:1 CR. But if you are going to remove the head might as well replace the pistons and rods with DET ones. That will yield you 9.3:1 CR on a VE head gasket. 9.3:1 is much closer to the 9.5:1 that regular DE blocks have and are very reliable with boost.

If you stay 10.3:1, I would be very weary of any premade tunes. Unless they are very conservative, which JWT should be. But I would just make your own tune that way you have control of everything.
2011-05-03 04:52:48
I would go with a basic T3/T04e setup before bolting on a t25 or small turbo like it. Try and avoid the mini blow dryers. Knowing myself, I would boost the motor in stock form on low boost and enjoy it. If it pops, it pops. Just hope when you tear down you can get away with a quick hone job and switch to DET pistons/rods/crank/etc with some fresh rings and bearings.
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