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Thread: fuel pressure problem with my daily!! plz help

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2011-04-17 17:12:46
fuel pressure problem with my daily!! plz help
hey everyone, i have a 91 sentra with a bluebird motor and about 2 weeks ago I noticed my car was losing lotss of power (cant even spin the tires in first gear anymore) normal cruising in vacuum seemed to be sluggish as well. so I changed the fuel filter and it seemed to be better for about a day at most. changed the fuel pump back to the original walbro 255 that the car came with, and it didnt help at all. yesterday I installed a fuel pressure gauge and noticed that I only had about 32-38psi at idle, about 40 psi with the fpr disconnected. when the car is off and I try to prime the pump, I get a little bit of pressure and then it drops down to 0psi once the pump stops. I've unplugged the fuel feed hose from the fuel rail and plugged it with a screw driver and a clamp and it still doesnt hold any pressure so I'm guessing its not leaking injectors. I've switched the feed and return lines and it still doesnt hold any pressure so I'm guessing its not a leaking hose. this is my daily driver and I need to get to school and work tommorow. can someone pleasssse shed some light??
2011-04-17 19:04:27
some videos to help explain

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2011-04-17 19:15:08
does the hose of the fpr smell like fuel? sounds like a fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator issue to me.
2011-04-17 19:35:59
not that i can notice. but then again I've been messing around with fuel all day so I wouldnt notice it. about a week ago, when this problem was still very obvious, I unplugged the fpr and the pressure rose, like it should. but last night when this problem seemed to get realllly bad, I disconnect the fpr and the pressure doesnt move. now I'm wondering if the fpr broke too?
2011-04-17 20:30:08
it does sound like your fuel pressure regulator isnt responding the way it should, do you have another fpr that you can swap out?
2011-04-17 22:09:46
swapped out the fpr, nothing changed. still not responding when I disconnect the vacuum line to it. so I put the old one back on.
2011-04-17 23:05:35
you said the fuel pump isnt priming as loud as it was priming right? could be a dying fuel pump or leaky fuel injector. do you have someone else to look and see weather or not you are getting any pressure from the pump when its turned on, to see weather or not the pressure goes from 0 to xx then back to 0?
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2011-04-18 01:56:55
got to be fpr...it's sending the fuel back to the tank and the pressure is hitting zero because your tank is vented. When the fpr is doing it's job it holds the pressure even after shutoff. Although many people have no problems with their car's performance even though it doesn't hold fuel pressure after the key is off.

Maybe a line blocked? or a leak somewhere? You could also be losing vacuum from some other source causing it to act up.
Last edited by nsusammyeb on 2011-04-18 at 02-32-28. Reason: or your fuel pump is shot.
2011-04-22 12:59:50
well I got it scanned yesterday. turns out the cts was unplugged or cut somewhere because there was no continuity at the ecu. so I'm gonna fix that, the battery terminal, and check EVERY possible connection for a boost leak and see if it drives any better. car has been down for a week now and I barely escaped the dreaded bus pass yesterday
2011-04-22 13:45:38
cts are EVIL!
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