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Thread: UK SR20VE+T Problem

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2011-04-09 21:27:06
Doesn't even sound ok under idle at the mo. I'll be back tomorrow or Tuesday after more investigations. Just odd that the previous owner used a DE pump with no issues. Hope it's just me long relocation.
2011-04-09 21:59:44
Did he also used the turbo and oil cooler?
2011-04-09 22:01:21
Erm no (where's an embarrassed smilie when you need one).
2011-04-10 13:13:34
Fixed!!! Stock oil filter location (i.e removed oil cooler and filter reloaction).

Sounds sweet now.

Do we thing the VE pump would cope with the oil cooler and relocation then or is that not a guarunteed fix either?

Also to quickly add, the engine management light is on and the fan is on constantly. Wasn't like that before the head swap. Any ideas?
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2011-04-10 14:09:26
you need to put the water temp sensor from the DE dude.. and defo get a VE pump! i thought you were anyway..
2011-04-10 18:41:36
Turns out i'd knocked the water temp sensor off. Steve must've changed the sensor before hand because now it's plugged in properly it's working fine.

Nah i'd not read up anything about the DE pump struggling so hadn't bothered with VE pump.... till now. So now i'm going to have to change the bloomin thing and take all the sump off etc. Doh!
2011-04-10 19:58:02

2011-04-10 22:35:55
Nice! Installing an oil pump while the engine is in the car, will not be fun.
2011-04-11 07:13:21
Mr sim your a whore dude and dhould go nack to your home on jdm whore island.. oh ignore my post about sensors i think someone told me porkies thinking about it last night it wouldnt make a difference there all the same.
2011-04-11 11:44:20
Originally Posted by SENTRASER
Nice! Installing an oil pump while the engine is in the car, will not be fun.

I've done a couple, tis only a few bolts.
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