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Thread: clutch option opinions please

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2011-04-27 00:18:53
yeah theres the problem, ive got over 10k on my oem clutch cable with the fx400 no problems, non oem tend to stretch if they dont snap first.
2011-04-27 00:41:49
My oem one snapped which is why I replaced with napa ones. But no worries, I'm hydro now.
2011-04-29 16:10:14
Look into SouthBend's HD-TZ clutch kit,
a sprung full-face kevlar disc and stage 1 pp rated at 300 ft-lbs.
I'm using this now on my b13 with u13det swap, t25, 370's, 4bar, 10psi
I'm very happy with it.

My previous Clutchnet clutch rated for 230 ft-lbs was almost twice as stiff but slipped at >8psi. The SouthBend's pedal feel is stock-like, but after an 800 mile break-in the kevlar disc becomes extremely grabby but still engages smoothly when I take it easy.

Part #KNS02
2011-04-29 16:19:36
I'm in this spot also. I am pushing 280/280 daily and the car makes over 330/330. I want something that will hold up to 350, and still have a good feel to it as I DD the car. I am running a JWT HP PP with single sided metal clutch. I love the feel but it slips bad now and it's only got 20k or less on it.
2011-04-29 16:51:31
hands down the fx400 six puck sprung or unsprung is the best out there, as far as daily driveability and pedal feel. the carbon kevlar are great too just dont hold as well as the six pucks.

i would stay away from act anything
2011-04-29 16:56:20
Originally Posted by trance34
I am running a JWT HP PP with single sided metal clutch.
Have any pics of the clutch faces showing both friction surfaces, or can you describe them? You might be having a different issue.
2011-04-29 19:11:13
haven't opened it yet, what other issues could I be having?
2011-04-29 19:14:58
If it is full-face on one side and 8-puck or something on the other side (you said single sided metal so I'm thinking maybe you have full-face organic on one side and 8-puck metallic on the other side?) then you've got a clutch with a major design flaw that will never work correctly. Vadim has the link that explains and shows why. It makes complete sense once you think about it.
2011-04-29 19:15:40
well i once got a quote from a act rep that their clutches are made to last 15k, with alot of abuse on its life, weather or not this has changed i donno, but aftermarket clutches with the exception of twin to quad discs arent really made to last like say a stock clutch is, its made to take abuse however with abuse comes wear and wear causes the slipping, so if you had 20k or less of abuse on it, it could just be taking its toll on the clutch
2011-04-29 19:22:02
i dont know how long it will last, but im running a 6 spuck act clutch. i like it alot and holds great
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