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Thread: VRS 02 Housing!

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2011-03-14 22:49:35
VRS 02 Housing!
Ok guys this is a real long shot! But VRS said they could get these made for us...But they said for it to pay off the time and money to develop it they would need a minimum of 50!!! I don't even know if there is that many people on here with turbo cars haha But it's worth a try.

If you are interested put your name down. I don't know if there going to do BB and gti-r or just one.... Still trying to figure it out. No idea on price yet either.
2011-03-15 00:15:36
I'd def. be in for a gti-r one!
2011-03-15 00:52:30
Id be in for one that I could vent to atmosphere with a dump tube.
2011-03-15 00:54:42
depends on price.
2011-03-15 00:56:18
I'd be in for gtir dump
2011-03-15 01:15:13
Hmmm, can they possibly do a 5 bolt discharge "downpipe/O2 housing", for a T3 turbine housing, log manifold top mount setup??

And yes, ofcourse, guesstimated price??

Thanks (inquiry at this point.....)
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2011-03-15 01:56:40
dude, talk to a manifold maker, not an exhaust maker! You are in the wrong thread here.

back on track, I would be interested in a GTiR with recirc 3" that fits AC.

2011-03-15 02:14:19
Yeah see this is whats gonna be hard, I duno if they can do variations like we want which sucks. I need to get more information. Because I duno if it's gonna need 50 of recirc and 50 dumps or what or if they can do 50 together of bb and gti-r. And I think price will be in $100-150 range that's what there dsm ones are.
2011-03-15 15:52:49
I'd be in as long as its a 3" outlet.
2011-03-15 16:03:38
id be in.. especially if they can get a deal with a matching dp.
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