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Thread: running lean sr20det

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2011-03-08 03:12:49
running lean sr20det
im having a problem with my car leaning out when i give it gas it leans all the way to 22.2 and bogs the car idles rich 11.5 on the lc1 and i can also disconnect my maf and rev the motor and it'll rev fine theres no difference with it connected. im running a w10 with a tuned ecu 370cc,b13 maf,t25 8.5.1 compression and skinny 02. theres also a cold start problem where i have to give it gas and crank for about 2 mins for it to actually start. when the car starts cold and i rev it there will be a dead spot(lean) around 3k rpm and then rev past it. if i rev it fast its fine if i rev it slowly it breaks up helppp
2011-03-08 12:34:06
anyone know how the 89 turbo 300zx o2 sensr is supposed to be wired up? theres red white black it seems like red is power black is gorund and white is signal but i want to double check. thanks
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