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Thread: Turbosmart Ultragate

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2011-03-06 18:43:03
Turbosmart Ultragate
Recently purchased one of these, and upon inspection, noticed a gap between the plunger and the housing. This is my first time using an external gate, so I'm wondering if some or all wastegates are like this. Seems like it wouldn't be too great at helping spool.





2011-03-06 19:43:32
your missing the seat or gasket? that seals it. its a ring that suppose to sit underneath in there on the side that bolts to the manifold.
2011-03-06 20:15:47
I guess I need to shoot the company an email then. Seemed like everything was there. But like I said, I'm not familiar with externals.
2011-03-06 20:22:29
you are missing the firering, you cant use it without it, so def call the company up and tell them
2011-03-07 01:33:00

Sending a wg without the valve seat... FAIL.
2011-03-07 02:17:32
Is the valve seat still in the box tho?
2011-03-07 03:35:03
God, I feel like an idiot. Found the valve seat stuck deep into the side of one of the little foam compartments. No wonder I never saw it.:o Found it when I was pretty much tearing the foam to shreds looking for it.
2011-03-07 03:38:46
good thing you found it
2011-03-07 03:51:51
Yeah. Since another one is about $30. That would have sucked to order a new one, just find this one, or have thrown it away.
2011-03-07 12:09:43
i did that last week when i got my ssqv adapter, i thought it didnt come with the c clamp ring and it ended up being in the bubble wrap i threw in the garbage lol, i was so happy when i found it i thought i was gonna have to order a new c clamp ring.
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