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Thread: Fan Recomendation

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2011-07-06 12:54:11
Originally Posted by xavi1320t
Im having the same exact problems, does your ac get hot or warm when in traffic and engine temp go up? If so its your fans. I got crappy ass fans from ebay and are worse than my stocks.

That's the thing it gets hot before it even gets to the traffic, this is just low speed driving (30mph or under) with or without cars infront of me.

I'm thinking it's the intercooler blocking the air, and nothing will really help until I go with a bigger radiator.
2011-07-06 14:55:47
Can you show pictures of your FMIC.
Z32 rad cap made a noticeable differwnce on mine.
2011-07-06 15:14:04
Originally Posted by SGTSR20
Can you show pictures of your FMIC.
Z32 rad cap made a noticeable differwnce on mine.

It basically sits flush against the bumper support, and has about 1/4" between the intercooler and the condenser. It doesn't block too much of the radiator, but I guess enough?

2011-07-06 18:24:11
I think it is funny that silicon intakes sells $20 fans they claim are 1600cfm. I have 2 10" iirc and they don't push for crap tbh. The stock fans pull 20amps for each one, and when i checked these they only pulled maybe 8 amps. The stock fans work tons better. I think I am going to go with some better fans in the future.
2011-07-06 20:05:44
But the fans turn off while your driving anyway, right? From what I was told, the fans don't work too well while you are driving hence they are turned off.

I did a checked my datalog yesterday and it seems like with AC on the fan was on all of the time. I'm going to get another datalog today but turn AC off and see if fans stay on while driving and above 210*F.
2011-07-07 01:37:41
Vadim, I think you will find the fans stay on reguardless if your moving or not if the temp is above 210*. The fans even the stock ones will flow more air through the radiator even when the car is moving 60-70mph. The fans will still outflow the incoming air.

I dont know what say 1200 cfm/min fans blow as far as mph wise but if you hold up a gauge right by the fan I bet you its more than 60mph. It would be interesting to see.

But Im 99.9999% sure they stay on even while driving.
2011-07-07 01:54:36
Hi Vadim,

Ya, I'm not sure how the car would know to turn the fans off while moving unless it looked at your speed and even then, it shouldn't matter. If the car's too hot, either moving or not the fans should turn on. The purpose of fans is to send air across the radiator.

That being said, my temps ALWAYS have gone down while moving, not up. So, there's no need for the fans to come on unless I turn on my A/C while the car is in motion at a steady clip(35+mph) solely based on my temps going down while moving. If, however, my temps went above 210 while moving I'd expect and hope my fans kick on if I'm going 0 or 150mph.

2011-07-07 02:18:23
I got that from one of the Honda owners I know, maybe their cars are a bit different. I noticed with AC on fan is always on, moving or not, 210*F or not. I'm trying to get the temps up to 215*F while driving and then turn ac off and see if fans are staying on.

I rebled the system, went by P11's FSM instructions (they seem to be slightly different with every year :rofl. The car barely got to 210 while driving with AC on, the temps dropped off very quickly though. When I was standing, I did get up to 220*F. Thus my 12" fans are not enough. Time for some 14"
2011-07-07 02:41:42
Most cooling systems the fans are turned via ground from the ecu to the relay, the ecu turns on the fans regardless if your moving or not. Its constantly has an eye on the ect and should turn em off once temp drops usually to 187-192 and the fans turn off. So if your on the highway and your temps stay under 210 or 219 when they supposed to turn on then they shouldn't turn on at all, unless having the ac on. My highway temps are usually around 187-194*. But my temps do go up in traffic with the ac on, but its plain and simple that my
slim fans SUCK BALLS!
Ive been looking into this set of puller fans they flow a combined up to 4,000 cfms', so check it out guys and see if anybody else is interested:
There is also a summit store about 40 minutes from my house, so I can pick some up and ship em, or whatever, lmk guys what ya'll think.
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2011-07-07 03:01:51
I really want to use the stock fans, they just don't fit too well since P11's engine bay is smaller .

12" slim fans:
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