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Thread: Turbo still surging

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2011-03-03 15:24:48
Turbo still surging
as the title says the turbo keeps surging im pritty sure i have a good vacuum source but dose any one know where els i could get a good vacuum source for my BOV pics would be nice thanks
2011-03-03 15:46:58
have you tested the BOV with an air compressor to make sure it opens and closes normally?
2011-03-03 15:50:11
There are 2 diagrams around here that are very helpful, if I wasn't on my really slow laptop I would find them for you but just serch turbo,vacuum,diagram and it should come up, Vadim posted it I think...
2011-03-03 16:53:02
probably need a solid dedicated vacuum line
2011-03-03 17:27:32
yea but i cant find one i couldnt even find the vacuum source diagram
2011-03-03 17:52:08
A quick search gave me this

2011-03-03 18:04:26
yea i saw that but i dont have the bluebird motor i have the sr20de i dont the vacuum lines that bluebird manifold has. i did see to you the charcoal canister but which line do i use the big one on the bottom or the small one on top that goes to the vacuum gallery?
2011-03-03 18:26:10
this is the BOV im using
2011-03-03 23:16:59
I run mine off of the line that comes from the manifold that goes to the brake booster. Its spliced in before the metal part in the line which supposedly has some sort of valve. Works great for me, but I'm running a greddy BOV. I have a DE+T as well (lowport).
2011-03-04 01:28:35
run it off the back of the intake manifold and use a dedicated line
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