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Thread: High rev turbo build questions

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2011-02-28 03:02:21
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
My setup consists of Jwt C2 cams which are even larger than the 272's. BC springs w/ Titanium retainers, twin grooved shim mod, and sees an 8700rpm rev limiter. 6400 rpm two step and havent popped a rocker yet. Oh and also using the RR hydraulic lifters. To me its reliable and should be able to go well past 9k as well but I didnt feel like risking it. I was making power all the way to 8700 rpm and it would have still climbed.

Wow, not bad. Yeah, I was reading about that, you need the ve oil pump and RR lifters and it'll be similar as running solid lifters right? There's no advantage of that setup over actual solid lifters right?
What year/model and all that stuff did you get the RR lifters from?
And the twin grooved shims just keep the arm from sliding out or something like that??
Did you use different shims, or the ones that were already in your engine?
What size turbo do you have? That must be pretty awesome having that crazy powerband.
2011-02-28 03:13:36
00-02 Roller rocker SR20. A ve oil pump is a very good way to help ensure good oil pressure and flow at high rpm and yes the extra pressure helps the lifters keep a good pressure on the rocker.

The Twin grooved shims are from my motor and a torn down motor i had. You have to sand/cut down the right leg of the rocker to allow the grooved shim to fit. Other than that, yes it helps keep the rocker very stable at high rpm and keeps them from popping out if for some reason you do get a bit of valve float.

My turbo is a Garrett T67 H.O. with upgraded turbine housing and wheel.

Again like they have said, dont use the rocker arm stoppers. No need.
2011-02-28 03:44:26
Ok I'll do some research and see if I can find any of those. Sounds like it would be alot cheaper and easier than buying solid lifters and dealing with the shims. I think i've got extra shims laying around from my extra head too.
So yeah, I will definitely forget about the rocker arm stoppers.
2011-02-28 04:21:31
How to Build a 9000-rpm SR20DET Head
2011-02-28 05:17:43
Originally Posted by zacward
How to Build a 9000-rpm SR20DET Head

I've read that before.
Thanks for posting, it's very informative.
It's too bad the pics are all dead links now though...
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