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Thread: Decent manifolds???

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2011-02-20 15:30:42
Yeah I saw yours on the other forum. I was just seeing what dude had to say about it lol.

He told me in a pm that he used to have a civic than ran 7.2's in the 1/8th, do you know anything about that?
2011-02-20 16:09:49
Lovefab or FullRace are proven, any locals that these guys show you work are proven. Stick to those man!
2011-02-20 16:59:56
^ i agree the lovefab and fr are premium for sure
2011-02-20 17:52:01
I paid $1100+ for my Protech EL bottom mount.
2011-02-20 22:10:18
Does Full-Race make manifolds for FWD? It's not on their website. Any info on this?
2011-02-20 22:15:46
paid 650 for mine i have pics on the forum somewhere everything is built nicely
2011-02-21 00:04:10

That's the one I hot from randy for $475 shipped.
2011-02-21 02:13:04
thats a good price ....good manifolds are not cheap , I love my Lovefab mani I would do it again anytime , great guy awesome products , he can build it all .....
2011-02-21 02:24:01
Idk I call bullshit on that guy on the other forum.... He said 7.2 I was there that night and he went 7.9 then he constantly changes setups, gone mid 6's did this did that.....
2011-02-21 02:30:00
Originally Posted by Hutch
Does Full-Race make manifolds for FWD? It's not on their website. Any info on this?

fwd isnt on their site since that manifold isnt in production mode for them but they will make it to order.. (they are local to me, i askd)

this guy selling his in the classifieds
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