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Thread: Injector dead. Can I mix brands of the same rate?

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2011-02-19 07:01:23
Injector dead. Can I mix brands of the same rate?
I am currently running Deatschwerks 555cc injectors with a matching JWT ECU. I had an injector die, and I am trying to get the car running for a show on Sunday. Would there be any issue running a Nismo 555cc injector in its place? I can pick one up from a shop tomorrow. But its two hours away, so I dont want to make the trip if its not going to work. This is what I would be buying.

NISMO 555cc 300ZX 95-96 Z32 TWIN-TURBO FUEL INJECTOR - eBay (item 120679457294 end time Mar-03-11 11:12:16 PST)

I would rather not buy four of them new...Any opinions would be appreciated.
2011-02-19 21:47:55
So I went down and purchased the Nismo 555cc injector. When I got home, I found out that the injector actually flows somewhere around 615cc, and that even JWT has a different program to run these. So it sounds like my drive was all for not...Anybody have any opinion whatsoever? I currently have a JWT ECU programmed for the 555cc injectors I had. Will this injector cause too many problems. Or am I SOL???
2011-02-19 22:07:34
one of the cars i have in the garage is jwt ecu tuned for 555cc injectors and has nismo 555cc. no problems what so ever. i always like to have the injectors a little bigger than the ecu tune.
2011-02-19 22:42:25
That shouldn't be an issue at all. If anything that ONE cylinder would run a TOUCH richer than the rest and won't be an issue.

2011-02-19 22:48:42
Thanks guys. Just wanted some kind of feedback before I put it in. Really want to get the car down to the show. Let you know how it goes
2011-02-20 03:49:05
how did you find out the one injector died?

2011-02-20 05:24:28
Came home after driving it after the new turbo install, everything was fine. Started it up the next morning, and it sounded like a Subaru Checked spark, all was good. Pulled injector clips, and found #3 has an issue. 9volt tested the injectors wet, and found #3 injector not firing at all. Compression checked while I was at it, and all was good.

Just got the new injector in, and car is running again on 4 cylinders. Although there is some new rattling noise from under the VC. I am letting it cool off right now a little so I can pull the VC and see whats going on. Nothing like fixing one problem, only to encounter another
2011-02-20 05:35:06
shouldnt have a problem with it as long as they are close in flow rate 555 and 550. Close enough for example. Glad you got the injector problem fixed.
2011-02-20 16:12:55
That is usually how it works. One problem masks another and on and on. That is what i was fighting on my SEL a few weeks ago. NEver did find the original problem but the car is running great.

2011-02-20 16:23:52
You should always check the injector specifics, before mixing brands. Reason I mention this is because you cannot tune individual injector drivers. One injector may have significantly higher latency than the others, etc. Etc.

What worked for you may not work for others
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