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Thread: What do I need to finish turboing?

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2011-04-18 22:18:24
Squeak went away after driving a little but there's this weird popping sound but it seems only at partial throttle. I'll see if I can take a vid and post it
2011-04-19 00:32:00
well i definitely found out i didnt tighten my downpipe to my cat all the way so im sure thats a lot of the problem/sound and i hope that fixes it when i tighten it. I did it from 12-5am last night. hahaha.
2011-04-19 07:21:12
So it turns out the dp didn't mate with the cat correctly even though it was tightened. I think the dp flange is angled a little bit too much. I'll start it tomorrow to see if it is still making weird sounds but hopefully getting a new gasket and putting exhaust sealer on it did the trick
2011-04-19 13:50:20
could have possibly been the not so good seal between the cat giving you a little poping or backfire sound. sounds like theres just some little details here and there.

how is the car running otherwise?
2011-04-19 17:44:44
It seems to run pretty good while boosting and everything but everytime I let out the clutch it will die but when I started it it idled fine. Also theres still that popping noise im going to upload a video soon. Its kinda quiet in the video but its load in the car and it almost feels like a hesitation. Only at partial throttle too
2011-04-19 18:11:36
2011-04-19 18:12:34
That might not be good enough. Ill try to get a better one when i get back home
2011-04-19 18:21:22
yeah its really hard to hear and determine what or where it might be coming from, what are your spark plugs gapped at?
2011-04-19 18:50:39
Oh shit I just actually thought about it but when I put the turbo in my recirc hose wasn't long enough so I just plugged the hose and left the stock bov open. Would that make it run rich when I press out the clutch and also make it drive weird at partial throttle because it's particle open and the ecu thinks it's getting that air when it's not?
2011-04-19 19:50:30
yes if you arent recirculating the bov, it will be rich between shifts and there will be unmetered air going into your engine causing a rich state.
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