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Thread: What do I need to finish turboing?

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2011-03-27 19:41:01
wait, so do you, or dont you need a restrictor for NON bb turbos? you DO, correct?
2011-03-27 20:07:03
Idk I'm guessing that it just doesn't really matter because the stock lines come with a restrictor in the banjo bolt but then aftermarket places like ATP turbo says you don't need one. So I really don't know I hope a veteran can chime in here. And if we do need restrictors what size do we need?
2011-03-30 13:39:38
You do need one.

Do some research to confirm these numbers but if memory serves me correct I think the bb turbos need a .03 and the non bb need a .06 restrictor.


Yup, I was right. See the links here for the description.


2011-03-30 21:09:26
Why does ATP say you don't need one then?
2011-03-30 22:19:32
ATP "Unrestricted version of the ATP-OIL-021. Does not have .035" restrictor. Appropriate for non-ball bearing T25/T28 turbo use. CAn also be used on GT25R, GT28R, GT28RS, GT30, and GT35R where not restrictor is needed"

Where are they saying you don't need a restrictor?.....Wait ATP can't even form complete sentences, don't worry about that gibberish.

Our cars need restrictors in some form, the one from the factory will do you just fine. Just make sure you have the banjo bolt that goes to the right turbo (unless your car is a VE-T then you need to find a smaller restrictor.)
2011-03-30 22:42:25
Perfect thank you guys you're awesome.
2011-04-09 09:29:00
ok so i know we have gone back and forth about fuel pump stuff but i just came accross this today

LPH to cc calculator - calaisturbo.com.au

and according to those calculations my stock fuel pump(170lph) supplys 2832.2 cc/min then divided by 4 for each injector is about 708cc/min. So if the 370cc injectors can flow a max of 370cc/min wont the stock fuel pump flow way more than enough fuel?

Sorry if it sounds dumb I am just trying not to spend 220+ on a pump and fpr
2011-04-09 10:43:45
if the pump leans out 220.00 will be the least of your worries.if you keep te car on low boost depending on the setup you can get away with running the stock pump, say 7psi? i wouldnt do this in relation to a blown motor becuase of a 220.00 fuel setup 220.00 in the end is cheap.
2011-04-09 17:24:22
I wouldn't trust that 170LPH measurement unless you yourself measure the output of the stock fuel pump. That number sounds like someone just made it up.

That calculator should also be asking for the fuel pressure otherwise don't trust that either.

Like GT2871RBLUBIRD said, you can get away with stock pump and FPR at 7PSI. But once your turn the boost up or if say something goes wrong (like your wastegate hose comes off or gets a hole) that unknown factor for the fuel pump pressure might just pop your motor.
2011-04-09 17:40:08
I just hate spending more money on little shit than what I bought the motor for. But in the meantime I should be fine for awhile and just upgrade when I can
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