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Thread: DET vs VE+T questions

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2011-02-02 19:54:40
There is nothing like a well built VE-T. The VVL on boost is simply amazing when done right.

Now with that said for a 350 whp I (being a VVL guy) don't think it's worth it per say. A nice DE with a set of JWT S4 cams camming it ass off with a nice 2871r is priceless and the ride is great and a lot of fun.

At the end it all depends on what you want out of the car. I for one will never look back at a DE after owing a VE car and helping build some very damn fast VE-T cars. Not going to happen. DE's are a thing of the past to me.
2011-02-02 20:43:02
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Dont know why everyone is afraid to boost a de. My buddies nx has been boosted on his jdm de for 3+ years now, t25 to a t28 on 15psi and it hauls butt and has been more than reliable. Never one issue. The de motor can take well over 400whp if tuned correctly and take it reliably.

id have to say 400whp is the absolute limit on a driven reguraly de+t.

300whp no problem, anything above starts pushing the limits of the stock pistons and head gasket.

thats my opinion, i know other people disagree.

for 400whp id build, if 400whp is your goal a built de plus turbo will do the trick and then some.

2011-02-03 02:34:16
Strat, wouldn't you say that with good tuning and an oversized(understressed, low psi) vs an undersized(oversressed high (20+psi) turbo, and all supporting mods it could be higher than 400? I havgen't had any personal expierence myself, but logic would dictate its possible....
2011-02-03 06:22:50
You gain a lot of powerband in the mid-range when going the big-boost-smaller-turbo setup. But keep in mind that some of these turbos will retain a lot of heat under high boost and can cause some heating issues with the SR. Invest in a good radiator.

The SR can make more power with a larger turbo more reliably. Mostly because of the heat issues. The larger turbos run cooler and generate less backpressure in the exhaust manifold. I have seen some stock engines take nearly 600whp without issue, but at that point the rods are beyond limits to say the least.

The larger turbo will lose powerband everywhere except the high rpms, so the whp goals are more easily attainable. But not necessarily faster.
2011-02-03 06:29:48
Originally Posted by hobbs
Where are you out by?


Lots of good info in this thread.
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