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Thread: NEED HELP....turboing issues

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2011-01-30 19:05:07
NEED HELP....turboing issues
Here's the problem i have basic board that i recently bought the program on it was for 370's, 4bar, DE maf. on JDM DE. Before turboin the motor ran fine NA until fuel pump went out on stock ECU. Now i have new chips for same setup but for Z32 maf and still having issues. I not sure if issues are with ECu or engine. Car starts and idles but running rich, rev it idel drops and stalls out. Was wondering if any one is running same setups w/out any issues and if you did have issues at the begining what you did to solve them?
Any help at this point would be helpful so that i dont ditch the whole projects
2011-01-30 19:18:27
So your running a chip for a z32 maf and using a de maf? I'd say that would be the problem.
2011-01-30 19:29:45
Originally Posted by btsr22det
yea just made copy and posted there...........................no running two different programs one for DE maf and one for Z32 maf but both programs are producing same results ......

okay, so you are running a DE maf with a z32 program? that will never work.

so the problem happens also with the DE maf and program? do you have a fuel pressure regulator?

we need more details about what you are doing and trying to do in order to help
2011-01-31 04:16:40
to clear confusion: 2 different programs 1st 370's 4bar, De maf. 2nd 370's, 4bar , Z32 maf. Both programs running AFPR And both havin same issues
2011-01-31 04:28:25
check your coolant temp sensor, MAF wireing, also are u running o2 sensor?? ever changed ur plugs? if so what kind..? and check vacuum lines...hope this helps!
2011-01-31 04:57:07
I had this same problem with my calum basic. I had a CEL though and I got my first chips from erick212. Checked maf voltage, tps voltage, regrounded my maf, and fixed boost leaks. Still was running like shit until I borrowed a calum realtime from a friend and found my problem was the ecu. Sent it off to calum the second time and it ran great when I got it back.
2011-01-31 05:18:23
Originally Posted by btsr22det
to clear confusion: 2 different programs 1st 370's 4bar, De maf. 2nd 370's, 4bar , Z32 maf. Both programs running AFPR And both havin same issues

The problem you describe sounds MAF related, mine did the same thing when I had the wires improperly grounded. Start with the MAF grounds and wiring and work from there. find the z32 MAF wiring how to thread by Andreas Miko and make sure you are wiring it like is stated there.
2011-02-01 14:39:02
OK.........started back at begining to find the problem and solve it before moving forwards. I put everything back to stock: inj, maf, ecu but w/ the turbo. Car starts up idles just a bit high (1000-1100) but maybe from cold start. Revs up fine and drops down fine as long as i release throttle slow, but if i rev it up and just let off it dies out. Any ideas what could cause this? Is it MAF or vacuum leak or both?
2011-02-01 17:56:56
I had that same problem that if I revved kinda high and released the throttle pedal it died, it was the iddle control valve, was dirty as hell
2011-02-01 19:52:26
thats the one on left side under intake mani w/ lil adjuster screw? Did you take it off and clean it?
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