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2011-01-29 14:52:03
i have a bluebird ecu set to 370cc stock maf and turbo. could i put sti injectors on it and a cobra maf or would that cause problems?
2011-01-29 15:03:18
you need to run the stock 370cc injectors and gti-r maf or avenir
2011-01-29 15:06:29
i couldnt change them
2011-01-29 15:12:23
Yes it would cause major problems.
2011-01-29 15:26:42
what if i had an ecu for the sti injectors and cobra maf with s4 cams could i run that with out the s4 cams?
2011-01-29 15:29:33
It would probably run, yes.
In theory it will have timing that is too retarded to run optimally (because when you tune for bigger cams you have to retard timing), but that's about the only problem I can think of right now.
2011-01-29 15:31:11
so it would run just not 100%
2011-01-29 16:05:18
I believe so, yes.
2011-01-29 16:16:09
OK thanks
2011-01-29 19:16:23
Just figure out exactly what you want to do with the car then buy the parts and get the ecu tuned to what you have. If you keep changing things it can end up being costly with retunes, dyno time etc.
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