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Thread: Fuel Cell w/ external fuel pump

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2011-01-26 04:44:04
Fuel Cell w/ external fuel pump
I was curious to see if any of you high HP turbo guys are running a external fuel pump setup with a fuel cell? Maybe you guys can share some pics and explain how its set up. Im in the process of putting my car together and will be running a 11 gallon fuel cell with 2" sump. Im still trying to figure out if I am going to go with a Bosch 044 or Aeromotive a1000. I have an idea of how everything will go, just thought maybe some of you guys could help out with this. Thanks
2011-01-26 04:47:12
i went with a 12 gallon and an 044........ a1000's dont like being ran for long periods of time and also dont like alot of fuel pressure.... look up flow charts to see.
2011-01-26 05:35:37
I bought a second OEM tank , we are going to sump it and run two external walbros Y'ed together ...to one line also weldon makes a real nice little pump good for like 1100hp FI

I was going to run one but I here it is not E85 compatable
2011-01-26 06:09:22
I will be sumping the pulsar's tank as soon as I get back in June. I know of a few high hp

car's that run higher fuel pressure and have A1000's and run perfectly fine. I will need

something that will be E85 compatable also. Sorry OP, not really any help to you. Kinda of

in the same boat as you, except I kinda of already have a idea of how I am doing it.

2011-01-26 17:29:08
Thanks for the info guys, one of my other options was the weldon. Im still stuck on how the fuel lines will run. Im assuming one from the cell to the pump, mount the pump under the car against the frame, then another line from the pump to fuel filter then to fuel rail. Now the return line is bothering me also, does it just go straight back to the other fitting on the sump or the fitting thats meant for a vent?
2011-01-26 17:39:15
the two fittings on the pump are generaly for 2 outlets from what I have seen , you would use the stock breather and possibly a stock return , or you could modify the tank to accept the return line size of your choice, I have heard making the fuel ( feed ) line larger and not making the retun larger can make for some interesting fuel pressure issues as far as tunning is concerend when it comes to idle and big boost as it could be harder to control the fuel pressure , but I fail to see how ....

Check out one of my old threads as well
2011-01-26 19:19:47
This unit's got my vote.5g,15g & 20g options.
Aeromotive|18660 - 15g A1000 Stealth Fuel Cell
2011-01-26 20:06:17
I have debated sumping my pump for a while now. Still not sure what to do honestly.
2011-01-27 03:01:42
this is mine

all my external pumps sit inside the surge tank to reduce noise
solid fuel lines stops the ugly fuel smell
all lines have in line filters
2011-02-01 22:47:21
Originally Posted by STR8E180
this is mine

all my external pumps sit inside the surge tank to reduce noise
solid fuel lines stops the ugly fuel smell
all lines have in line filters

what the hell are all those lines for??
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