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Thread: precision 62262 manifold

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2011-01-22 22:01:05
precision 62262 manifold
i got a quick question what manifold would i have to use to run the precision 6262 because it touches the block with the log mani and wont fit
2011-01-22 22:11:46
cheap way is some cheap ebay rwd manifold that you cut ur car up to make it fit. The right way is a custom manifold.
2011-01-22 22:18:17
where can i get a custom manifold for a decent price
2011-01-22 22:21:59
duno just run a search on the forum. If ur on a budget just get the RWD manifold and do some cutting.
2011-01-22 22:24:04
i actually found a ebay one do you think it will fit with this one
NISSAN INFINITI SR20 DET CAST IRON TURBO MANIFOLD T3 - eBay (item 180614244871 end time Jan-25-11 14:34:38 PST)
2011-01-22 22:33:10
protech, asp and lovefab can all make you a manifold.
2011-01-22 23:28:46
this is a very interesting subject cuz i to have a presicion sc6262 and i was goin to buy a log style top mount manifold like a protech or some. if logstyles dont work im prob gonna get custom one made by a friend of mine. but if your not tryna spend alot consider jgy
JGYCustoms.com - SE-R/G20/NX Exhaust Manifold
2011-01-22 23:32:20
just hope you don't get jerked around by JGY when u spend your money with them.
2011-01-22 23:32:46
if you get the right log manifold it will fit.

How the hell is it touching the block though
2011-01-22 23:33:15
You can also cut off the flange and either re-angle it or maybe get a thicker flange. My buddy made one by welding two flanges together.
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