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Thread: yet another problem...

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2011-01-18 21:15:36
what are you using for ecu?
2011-01-19 05:48:21
ecu is stock b13 with JWT base map
2011-01-19 05:55:05
check plugs and what gas are u running. I know alot of shops when theyy install parts on boosted cars they tend to take a joy ride in them that y i do my own work. so if the car was running rich before check the plug maybe fouled out. had the same problem with mine about 2 weeks ago
2011-01-20 23:40:54
gonna get the code scanner on it tommorow. probably a stupid question, but could I just lowered the fuel pressure? starting will probably be easier and I wouldnt eat nearly as much gas. btw if I did this it would just be a temporary fix until I solved the problem.
2011-01-20 23:55:29
u need to change ur plugs and check ur fuel pressure regulator. seems to me that your car is dumping way too much fuel and its causing the plugs to get wet. its definitely a fuel problem. also when last time u changed cap and rotor? i suggest u do a tune up like plugs, cap and rotor, fuel filter.
2011-01-21 16:54:24
I think you need to tell us more about your set up, injectors, maf, skinny o2 or fat? so your ecu is daughterboarded through jwt?? I know their tunes run rich but not this rich.
2011-01-21 19:44:07
IM guessing a boost leak, or maybe a injector leaking.

I had a boost leak on my car, was running and starting ok, but lost a lot of power.

My way of testing is to take the maf off, and make a wooden disc with a air hose fitting, use a air compressor with a regulator, turn the regulator all the way down, connect the air line up and slowly raise the air pressure til you can hear it slightly puffing into the engine. Any leaks will be a clear hissing, or a loose hose clip can cause a large pop as it blows right off. Mine was a rubber IC hose has rubbed thru on the battery clamp hook.
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