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Thread: yet another problem...

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2011-01-13 02:06:14
Are you sure your BOV is shot if you have the BOV connected wrong it will always be open
2011-01-13 15:02:20
the voltage range for the tps is .45-.55v per the fsm. they seem to run best around .48v.
2011-01-14 15:15:52
well I disconnected the bov and it fixed one problem. that was the stalling during driving problem in my other thread. however the starting issue is still very present. ignition seems to be working fine. fuel squirted out of the return line when the pump primed. however when i kept trying to start it after it warmed up it still wouldnt start. now this could be totally unrelated to the problem, but there was a very strong smell of gasoline after a couple of attempts trying to start it. what could that be???
2011-01-14 18:01:17
Ignition, is yours external coil?

if it is it can be the coil when they get old they heat up and stop working. Check that out
2011-01-14 19:08:51
def. a coil problem if it's only after the car warms up. She's not smoking or anything is she? Headgasket will do this as well, have a ga16de in the garage now that would quit when it got warm, but start fine when it was cold. Smokes and starts to run hot.
2011-01-15 00:06:32
so I adjusted the TPS. only noticable difference now is that when I downshift I get alot of backfire. where before I had to give it a verrrry small amount of throttle to make it backfire other than that no noticable difference lol.

but if it was a problem with the coil wouldnt it be breaking up and sputtering under throttle?

BTW. Thank you all for actually helping me with this. you guys have helped a lott. This forum is THE SHIT!
2011-01-15 15:49:07
and I have spark when I tested it. so the coil seems fine to me. spark plugs seemed fine as well. btw could I set base idle without a tach?
2011-01-15 16:21:39
you can use a handheld tach or some consult software.
2011-01-18 14:20:04
got to tires plus yesterday for an alignment and dropped it off for the day.... they couldnt get it started so I had to pick it up and push start it to drive it home. this car will drive me insane.

btw I also noticed that when its just cool enough to try starting it, it will sputter and start for maybe half a second and die. but for that half a second of life, I just give it some gas and it starts (very sputtery and rough, but it will start). now if you dont give it gas and it dies, it wont start at allll after that, wont even cough or sputter. you then have to push start it at that point.

I bought this car to enjoy it, not to fix it. but I guess thats life.
2011-01-18 16:44:47
soo I unplugged some of the injectors after it wouldnt start, and it started with them unplugged. didnt run for very long though obviously. and there was a very strong smell of fuel after it wouldnt start. so I figure its running rich, as theres also a lot of black smoke coming out of the exhaust. but it was running fine before I took it to the lift to install the axles and rack. mind you I wasnt there when he put everything back together. but what will cause it to run rich all of a sudden?
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