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Thread: sti injectors question

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2011-01-11 12:36:36
sti injectors question
hey i have a set of sti injectors and i just want to checkand see if im right with wiring them in.

how it sits is how i think it goes:

sti side-stock side
-blue wire on the right-yellow/black on the right

-yellow on the left-white on the left

any info would be great thanks
2011-01-11 12:55:33
pretty sure I just matched up the "like" colors and went with it. Don't think it really matters tbh. Unless, I just got lucky on my 50/50 shot and picked the right combination.

Hook one up and have someone spin the dizzy, you can listen through a screwdriver to hear if they are firing.
2011-01-11 13:14:53
The thicker wire is usually a general ground or the white wire on the Nissan harness. In your case yellow would go to white.
2011-01-11 13:31:14
so i am right cuz i saw a small piece of wire that was yellow/black at the end of one of my blue wires and came up with the conclusion that I did
2011-01-11 16:30:45
Like any car, the same color wire that is present on every injector is typically the 12v positive while the wire that is a different color on every clip is the ground side. So if you have the whole set of clips, is there a wire that is the same color on every clip. If so then thats the one you need to hook to the white wire on your injector harness.

The white wire on our harness which is present on all the injector clips is the 12v, the colored w/black stripe wires, White w/black#1, Yellow w/black #2, Green w/Black#3, Blue w/black on #4 These are your ground signal wires going back to the ecu to trigger the injector.

I cant recall if the injector lists a postive and negative on it. But if you look down where the pins are there might be a + and - by each pin. I know my id1000 injectors have this and call for the postive and negative to be in a certain spot. Ive tested it out before to see if it mattered and the injector seemed to operate fine either way but I would set it up the way the factory has it to be safe.
2011-01-11 16:57:30
thats why i posted this thread ill check when i get to see if they have a + or a - indication thanks
2011-01-13 02:24:52
Nope the injectors didn't have a + or - sign
2011-01-13 03:03:23
again use the wire color way then. Same color that is present on each clip is + different color on every clip is -
2011-01-13 11:36:55
The clips I have all seem the same they may have an extra dash in a different way but ill have to check
2011-01-13 16:02:43
you can use a 9 volt battery to test them as well.
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