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Thread: GTX turbos

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2010-12-27 23:54:37
GTX turbos
Hey guys. Just starting a thread on the GTX turbos. There is a ton of info on them just coming up and it will be interesting to see the results of these new turbos.

The GTx3071r is now rated at 560hp!!!
The GTx3076r is now rated at 640hp
and the GTx3582r is rated at 750hp!

They did this by going with an 11 blade billet compressor wheel with a 58trim compressor up from the 56trim. The turbine wheels are the same respectively.

So the question is this: I have been wanting to upgrade the GT3076r to something a little bigger. Every GT35r car I have been in has been really laggy for my taste, and the GT3076r really struggles to hit the 500whp mark at this altitude. I am nailing the 520 crank target the garrett is rated for, but I don't think this turbo has much more in it. I'm limited to 25psi of boost roughly.

So I was thinking the GTX3076r would be a good upgrade. It is good for over 100hp more than the current turbo. The spool will be slightly quicker i'd imagine because the billet wheel is lighter. The HTA 3076 spools really quick and makes good power as well.

Or I could just take the dive and go for the big one. The GTX3582r. Now, all my friends are running GT35R-based turbos like the SC61 and the 60-1. I would like to be able to compete with these guys in the power department, as well as have improved response and power delivery.

The GTX35r is rated at over 700hp and my setup can really only handle 550 at best before injectors max out. But I would also like to meet my target whp of 525whp or so without going above the 24psi mark at this altitude. The current turbo surges already, and going with a larger trim compressor just makes things worse. I would hope to make 500whp on 18psi or so with the GTX35r. The GT3076r has been a blast, but next bonus is going for the turbo upgrade to compliment the new 6-speed transmission. Let me know your thoughts.

Decisions, decisions.
2010-12-28 00:28:49
Did u check out the MotoIQ tech article?
An Inside Look at the New Garrett GTX Turbochargers
2010-12-28 00:46:55
I think the new line of gtx turbos are great.Not many members on here are running those at the time.I may also upgrade my 3071r turbo to a new gtx3071r series turbo soon.
2010-12-28 00:50:04
You should check out the precision units, the billet 6262, or the 67mm would meet your goals.
2010-12-28 01:09:38
I'm a garrett guy, they back their stuff. Though the 6262 is nice, the GTX35r will far outspool it and make around the same peak power. The GTX limits have yet to be seen because they haven't been fully released yet. Orders are being shipped in January I think because I can order one but it won't get here for a while. I'm always one for trying something new and exciting too.

No dyno for the mid-frame GTX turbos yet so we don't have any real info as far as the power output.

I really wonder how the GTX3076r would perform compared to what I have, I just don't know if I want to try the GTX3076r first or just go for the big one that is going to be easier to make big power on.
2010-12-28 01:33:51
It would be nice if they built those turbos for power ranges that the average guy can make. Only guys I know rocking high out puts like that around here are the dsm guys.
2010-12-28 01:40:54
there are rumors of a GTX2860rs. Plus you can always get a GTx3071r with a T2 housing for a monster t2 turbo.
2010-12-28 02:40:15
I have seen a proto GTX2860RS with a tail vband housing earlier this year , cody has played with the GTx42R and it rocks , it was on a strocker NSX....the car was leaving black strips on the ground on low boost in 3rd ....they look to be great turbos
2010-12-28 05:33:50
can u say 400whp disco?
2010-12-28 06:44:52
Im pretty much set on the GTX35r. Just because I know the VE wants a free flowing exhaust. Putting a better compressor on the same 60mm turbine will only help marginally.

So I'll have a 740hp capable turbo, happily making 500whp.
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