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Thread: GTX turbos

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2010-12-28 08:13:17
I think a gtx2871r would be stout!
2010-12-28 12:28:42
Cost would be the normal 1500?
2010-12-28 22:12:27
Cost is around $500 over the base GT series turbos. The GTX3582r will likely cost me around $2000 with housing. Going to see how the twin scroll works with this beast. The VE is going to love the bigger exhaust wheel, and the better compressor is going to make 50-80whp more on the same boost levels when compared to my current turbo.

Its going to be ridiculous to see what this car is going to do in 2011. For me anyway. I'm really on the fence about going the RWD route but I've kinda been there done that. The other cars don't have the same... sentimental value this car has. The SE has been the best car I've owned. Its on its 4th motor and 6th transmission, and 3rd turbo. Certainly the car has come a long way and when this build is done this spring I think I will have one hell of a street car. I just hope I can register it and I gotta get this crankshaft sensor thing worked out... crossed fingers it all works.

I made 317whp on 10psi with my GT3076r. I am hoping to make 400whp on 14psi of boost with the GTX35r. That is such a high number, but i have high hopes that the GT35r is really going to make the VVL come alive more than ever before.
2010-12-28 22:20:01
Garrett GTX3582R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo : atpturbo.com
Garrett GTX3076R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo : atpturbo.com
2010-12-28 23:33:17
^lol too bad they dont come with a turbine housing. i really gotta get my hands on one of these though!
2010-12-28 23:52:52
These units are deff nice, but they are not night and day over a billet precision turbos.

Hopefully you will be happy with the GTX35R, should be a monster.

2010-12-29 00:00:46
at this particular point,youd be silly to put anything in your car over a borgwarner efr...anyone want to buy a t4 twinscroll 6262 (brand new)..
2010-12-29 07:16:28
The EFR would be nice, but BW doesn't have any T3 TS offerings.

I want a T3 twin scroll and i don't know why there are few options out there. The T4 that a lot of turbo manufacturers use are T3 port-size holes with a T4 bolt pattern. Pointless to have a T4 imo.

T4 should only be reserved for guys making 800whp or so.
2010-12-29 23:57:29
call and talk to geoff@ full-race,i think through extensive testing,its showed that a t3 configuration(twin scroll) is a choke point.i also think that they went that route so you can easily upgrade to another turbo.honestly man,if i were you,id just have a t4 flange welded on to your mani..if thats even an option.
2010-12-30 02:47:50
its always an option. But I've seen dyno of the GT35r in T3 and the T4 and they performed identically. Granted both setups weren't the same but the T4 flange still necked down to the same 68mm turbine and the openings on the inside of the housing where it meets the turbine were exactly the same as well.

The T4 flange prob flows 2lb more than the T3. Negligible in my application since I'm not pushing the turbo to over 550whp. Even so, the T4 is just a lot more packaging headaches for minuscule gains. Its like going from a .82 to a .86 housing. Pfft, pointless.

Here are some views on the T4 vs T3 debate I found in google:

T4 vs T3 Spool and HP Difference??? - evolutionm.net

A lot of ppl say T4 is the ONLY way to go, but I made really great power on my T3 TS GT30R and the response is stupid.
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