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Thread: Intake Manifold

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2010-12-26 01:23:10
Intake Manifold
What do you guys think about this manifold For a descent low budget build ?

nissan sr20 intake manifold for sunny , pulsar gti-r - eBay (item 280606825717 end time Jan-20-11 06:31:21 PST)
2010-12-26 07:42:45
140 for shipping is kinda crazy
2010-12-26 09:17:58
says Thailand
2010-12-26 15:03:42
Yeah was checking the overall price and it dosen't seem to bad. Do you guys think it's worth it in a boosted application(Hi Port SR20)?
2010-12-26 15:21:41
Looks like a go to me. Get a nice tb.

2010-12-26 16:36:49
ashton used it, i think its ok but wouldnt buy it for my car.
2010-12-26 17:41:11
*** 140 usd shipping to USA , Canada , Mexico , Puerto Rico by UPS 3 days***

If not USA please contact for cheaper shipping
2011-01-23 16:58:35
Originally Posted by morgans432
ashton used it, i think its ok but wouldnt buy it for my car.

Yeah, im using it on my car currently. There were a couple issues with the install but overall if you clean up the runners where the welded section is, its a pretty smooth transition. Seat of the pants with my 60 trim turbo you could tell the difference switching from a stock intake manifold and throttle body to that with a q45 throttle body. 20psi now felt like it did on 24psi. Anything is better than the stock intake manifold. Again its got a smooth flowing and good sized plenum, velocity stacks, and so on.

I never dynod the car again but you could tell there was a difference and for the price its not bad.
2011-01-25 06:24:22
I would pass on it, it is symmetrical and the plenum volume looks smaller than stock.

Ashton did you try just the throttle body swap by itself?
2011-01-25 06:33:43
The plenum volume is nowhere near smaller than stock. lol It comes all the way up to the firewall. Again seat of the pants it definetly has gains over stock.
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