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Thread: Running SR20DET need some info

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2010-12-25 19:09:39
Running SR20DET need some info
Okay got A bin heres the specs

SR20DET/370/4bar/DE bored maf

Question is im only running stock boost so im running rich at 4 bar can i lower the fuel pressure even if ecu is tune for 4bar?

to what psi?
2010-12-25 19:32:43
Keep it parked til you get the calum tuned.
2010-12-25 19:40:21
Why if the A/F ratio got tune already they are great, just wanted to know what timing is good since the DET is lower compression

I tune it with Apexi Neo for right now
2010-12-25 19:55:28
why waste time and money when you have a calum and can get the tune for your setup?
2010-12-25 20:06:47
I can find a tune I pm everyone on that thread that burns chips but no one pm me
2010-12-25 20:08:38
whats your setup i got some chips that might help you
2010-12-25 20:16:16
Sr20DET/370/DE maf bored
2010-12-25 20:22:39
My ECU is B14 calum
2010-12-31 06:29:02
New q's read first post
2010-12-31 08:37:30
Boost level shouldn't affect your fuel mixture. Are you sure you don't have a boost leak or anything?

4 bar on 370's is good to 290 hp or 320 hp at high altitude (4k feet+). I was running around 315 hp at 12 psi on a T28. So you should be safe to 9 or 10 PSI. You'll need to strap it to a dyno to know for sure - which I highly recommend.
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