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Thread: weird idle issues

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2011-01-04 17:56:06
Did you figure out your problem?

If not what are you running draw-thru or blow-throu?

If you are running Draw-thru check that your BOV is connected to intake manifold not Throttle body, you need vacum throttle body is not vacumm thats why bov might be always open thats what i did wrong on mine.
2011-01-04 18:13:49
hmmmmmm I have my blowoff valve vacuum tubing going to the vacuum line directly below the throttle body , if this isn't where it's suppose to be routed where is it suppose to go? I got a lowport and have both my boost gauges (yes i have 2 AEM tru-boost and autometers) lines are already tied to the line going to my fpr and intake manifold. Any other line I could use?? Thanks in advance!
2011-01-04 18:18:10
You need vacumm I think all the ones on throttle body itself are not vacumm ( i think)

Disconnect FPR and connect BOV there just put a plug on other nipple where you disconnected BOV. Leave FPR disconnected
2011-01-04 18:27:37
Wait are you having same problems as the other dude BOV always open?
2011-01-04 18:36:10
Also best way to check if something is loose Pressure test your system

I had a similar problem BOV was always open until I read that BOV needed Vacum fixed that everything was good. But when i went to shop get my intercooler piping done I changed my set-up to Blow-thru just so if i ever pop a coupler I can always still drive it.
2011-01-04 18:52:09
Not that I know of but I might, I didn't check my blow off when I was experiencing the idle issues. I do however know my blow off valve is going to the line under the throttle body. I'll switch it and run it tee'd with my gauges off of the intake manifold fpr and post the results.
2011-01-04 19:44:37
did you get a new BOV and from what ive looked into you should have that hose from the BOV to the intake untill you can tune the car so that it would run rich. i know when i had it open when i would let off the gas or push the clutch in it would die cause it would just make a big vacumm leak
2011-01-05 00:02:27
Well it worked!! Switched the bov to run off of the vacuum line that runs between the intake manifold and fuel pressure regulator and now it doesn't stall when putting the clutch in when coming to a stop.
2011-01-05 01:33:44
hmmmm. DEF gonna look into this asap tommorow. this would make sense too, because when I switched my BOV with my friend's, his was doing the same thing. and his is almost brand new from Nissan. im gonna look into this tommorow when i get off work fer sure
2011-01-14 15:32:01
finally fixed this problem. I simply disconnected the BOV and just ran it with no BOV until I get a new one. no more stalling and RPM weirdness. now just to fix this starting problem... geez these problems never seem to end.
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