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Thread: Oil Dip Stick...

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2011-01-06 04:59:27
are you runnning an oil pressure restrictor? if not, its that. Oil blowing through the seals in the turbo.
2011-01-06 05:34:42
yeah the kit came with one. It's on by the t fitting in the oil feed line. do you think i might need a smaller one?
i did abit of reserch to see what the prob might be. i got this link check it out.
2011-01-06 05:57:38
the t fitting looks just like this one but i got a steel braided line.

the hole that goes to the fitting is kinda like this:

should i get one like this( you think i should try this?):

I did the tap like this one:

2011-01-06 06:05:08
here is a video or me driving around:

here is another or the smoke:
YouTube - nissan sunny sr20ve+t exhaust smoke from hell

i have it like this cuz i took it to the muffler shop to get the exhaust done. i have a FMIC now.
2011-01-06 07:33:48
A few things come to my mind, Bad seals on the turbo, Bad oil drain setup causing the oil to back up into the turbo. Or maybe you cracked a ring on one of the pistons.
2011-01-06 07:37:05
Im gonna say the turbo seals are gone or you need a smaller restrictor. But hell ive ran my turbos without restrictors and just -3an feed lines with no smoking. Im gonna say seals man. If meets the criteria. Smoking as the rpms come down. Seals almost 100% If it wasnt doing it before the turbo install and its doing it now its more than likely it.

Your lines and everything look fine. You could try using the smaller restrictor but it probably wont solve the problem fully. Id just rebuild the turbo. If you have some decent skills you can rebuild it yourself using a Kamak kit found on Ebay. I have rebuilt 3 turbos, 2 t2's and one t3 and all came out great and didnt have any issues at all. If not send it off to get rebuilt or look for a new turbo in known good condition. T25's are a dime a dozen now a days. BTW you can use a rwd t25 as well, just swap the compressor housing to yours. Thats an easy one to do. One snap ring and bam. Just make sure you clock it the right way. hit up Zilvia.net and you can find t25's all over the place for $100 or so sometimes less. I got one that was freshly rebuilt for $100 shipped and its currently still being used on a car.
2011-01-06 18:39:41
yeah tanks guy's ill try the restrictor first, if still not stop the smoking than iam taking off the turbo to get rebuilt. i found this place turbo city in the o.c that some silvia friends use before. Good place.
2011-01-06 18:42:37
Ill prob buy that turbo from you when can you shipp it by.. Ill prob pay pal tonight or tomorrow if you want to sell it pm me ur pay pal. thanks
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