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Thread: New to Nissan, plz help

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2010-11-30 01:25:02
New to Nissan, plz help
So I'm new to nissan and new to the DET. (will never own another honda again)
But from what I have heard, the sr20 valve cover gaskets leak all the time. specifically from the spark plug holes. would the usdm sr20de gasket fit on my bluebird det? if not, where can i get one that would fit? sorry for the newbie question btw.
2010-11-30 01:31:34
stock de valvecover gasket is fine, there is no diference. i bought my valve cover gasket at advance auto for a de and put it on my bluebird and worked just fine. ive done this twice once on b13 and recently on my b14. (oooo and wise choice on the whole switching from honda thing lol)
2010-11-30 02:24:32
make sure you put rtv where the distributor and the two little half circles on the front of the head are.
2010-11-30 06:18:38
ooo yeah that too dont forget to use rtv and it also is good to put some all around the valve cover gasket so its stays in place and u dont pinch it, also when u buy the valvecover gasket try and get new gromets. they sell its as a whole vcg kit.
2010-12-01 13:50:20
thanks guys. idk if I have advance auto parts money though. they want $50 for the kit. i'm pretty sure I can get it for like half the price. and btw I've heard that the toyota rtv was the best to use but does it honestly make a difference if I were to use the napa brand? (building on a tight budget lol)
2010-12-01 14:12:27
Do it right, and do it cheaply.

Get a proper, OEM valve cover gasket kit (outside gasket and inside spark plug valley gasket) from Greg Vogel at G Spec Performance

Use the Permatex brand Grey RTV.
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